Report: Israel's new Mossad chief behind assassination of Iran nuclear scientist

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  1. Report: Israel's new Mossad chief behind assassination of Iran nuclear scientist - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

    German weekly Der Spiegel, quoting an Israeli intelligence source, says last week's shooting was first 'public operation' orchestrated by Tamit Prado.

  2. Mossad and the CIA seem to be very similar in their approach....

    Wait until the Israelis get their hands on some Drones...:eek:
  3. Good job, Mossad, keep up the good work.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Neither ^

    It's sarcasm.
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    His death was an accident, police conclude - A cleverly orchestrated suicide.

    In contempt for the nature of the work this man was doing - He organized a 'Drive-By suicide,' the very first and unique suicide of its kind. He used his knowledge of physics to calculate how to make this look like a homicide, perpetrated by 'The Infidels' in order to maintain their vice grip on the world. At first he thought, "Why don't I nuke myself, just to add a little bit of irony to the situation?" Then he racked his atom-splitting brain and came to the conclusion that such an attempt on his life would violate the Non-Nuclear Proliferation treaty and decided to strap AK-47's to two Jewish Vambot's he created in his lab to carry out the attempt on his life.

    Needless to say, anyone who has seen iRobot knows this is impossible yet possible at the same time.

    Breaking News: The Vambot's did not have machine gun titties.

    In short - Nothing new.

    Yes, I'm high.
  7. That's good news. I hope Mossad keeps up their good work.
  8. Yea seems like a good thing to me.
  9. fuck Iran fuck their nuclear scientists! I hope Mossad takes good care of them all.
    they all jelly cause they dont have the same training as Mossad.
    Mossad hunted down all the ww2 nazi criminals which was fucking awesome. I hope they wipe out hammas off the face of the planet.

  10. Pretty much how I see it :confused_2:
  11. thats lame that they killed him. killin's bad
  12. You can't just go into a sovereign county and kill off their scientists. If Iran did this to Israel, there would be all out war within days.
  13. Iran cannot be allowed to have the bomb. The leaders of Iran are insane. Killing one person to save millions from a nuke is worth it.
  14. Iran supports and funds Hamas and Hezbollah who interfere with Israel all day every day. You okay with that? There is already a war going on, but at times it flares up more than normal.

  15. We support and fund Israel who interfere with Iran all day err day. what is your point?
  16. Why don't we just nuke Iran, take some radioactive glass back home, put it in a museum and headline it with, "To destroy a nation - Is to save the world."

    Noone will miss 'em anyways - They're like North Korea: Nobody likes 'em!

  17. When was the last time Iran bombed or showered civilian populations with white phosphorous?

    Oh wait, thats Israel... but they can't possibly be insane because they come to the White House all the time. :laughing:

    Killing this guy didn't stop their nuclear production or deter them from using nukes, if anything it just provides them greater incentive to develop weapons so that Israel and the US stops fucking with them.
  18. Civilians. 75 million of them.
  19. show me proof the Israel did that and not a handful of unstable soldiers...
    which are a common thing in the amerikah army btw
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    If Iran was capable of doing that they would have,,,you live in a fantasy world if you actually believe Iran is capable of doing that but just doesnt cause they got honor (or insert whatever other bullshit you want if it will let you sleep easier)

    Iran cant do shit like that ....pound for pound Israeli punches are much much stronger then Iran's
    edit- and thats one of the reasons why the haters hate,,,cause they know soon enough Israel turns Iran into a fucking glasshouse, I hope Mahmoud lives, I would love to see his cocky face afterwards..
    fucking ignorant fool (mahmoud)

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