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Report: effects of three week t-break.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glass Clown, May 27, 2010.

  1. #1 Glass Clown, May 27, 2010
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    Between traveling and relatives visiting, I haven't been able to smoke for three weeks. Tonight I lit up for the first time.

    I started smoking weed again almost exactly one year ago after quitting for a long time. I smoked every night but a handful in that year. When I started I was using a small cigarette bat from a dugout. One hit (all I get is good shit, not bragging, that's all I can get :) ) was enough to get me higher than I was comfortable with after so many years and zero tolerance. The first quarter ounce lasted me three months.

    A year later, or nearly, I was smoking one entire bowl a night, a couple hits to start and then one whenever I felt like I was coming down. At the end of that year I was smoking maybe a little more than an eighth a month.

    Just realized another variable in the equation. It just happened that I finished up one quarter the night before I quit, so today's smoke was from a different pickup. So far I haven't had a whole lot of variation in potency in the various pickups I've made, but it's been a variety of stuff. So I'm going to assume what I had tonight was roughly equal in dankness to the last pickup.

    I packed my normal bowl tonight and took one small hit. I would say that one small hit got me twice as high as one big hit three weeks ago. If a small hit is half of a big hit, then I got four times as high after a three week t-break.

    I know that math isn't real sound, but at least it's some kind of yardstick. I included all that detail so you'd get an idea where my tolerance was before and after the break. I don't know if anyone will find this interesting but my mind tends to run in this analytical direction.
  2. Good job for making it sane through 3 weeks of not smokin lol

    I still dont understand why people dont just smoke the whole bowl though
  3. I'm on a "I'm out of weed break and not going to buy any break." About 3 weeks. Maybe more. I would have to search through all my posts to get the exact time, but I'm pretty clear headed.

    I love the first few days after these breaks. I hope I'm working again when I start up. Don't want to drain myself worrying about what a bum I am not working. Or what ever thoughts on being unemployed come up.

    You don't need an entire bowl to get high and weed can be expensive for those who must buy it to get stoned.

  4. Why would I smoke more than I want? That'd be wasteful.
  5. if i dont finish a bowl ill put in a bag and sift through it when im not high and pick out the unburnt

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