REPORT: 16-Year-Old Boy Suffers Ruptured Testicle During Pat-Down By Philly Cop...

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  2. Let's start making street bacon more often.
  3. I just read this else where. What the hell teaches kids that the police are your friends these days? More like if you see the police get the hell out of there unless you crave a beat down and a finger in the ass.
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    deff philly cops... run as fast as u can lol...cause they will rob u as fast as a crack addict friend actually has a high profile case against the corrupt narcotic division  that has been goin on in philly for years.... the cops sued his car insurance and lied about gettin hurt.. there is 100s of cases being dropped or settled for $$ against the division... yano the cops are wrong when they get transferred and the da  publicly stated they wont be using them in any cases anymore...
  5. "I blame myself," Coney cried. "I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them. Maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been OK."
    ^ Hopefully more people reading this article will realize just how fucked society is when this is literally the best advice that we can give our youth.
    Neither is the school. Joyner said she's taken great pains to teach students that police officers are not their enemy. Each year, students pay homage to officers with a Philadelphia Police Officers Appreciation Day.
    ^ I wonder how many students will choose not to participate this year.
  6. I see at least 3 of these articles on par if not worse (sometimes much worse) each day.  Cop Block on facebook is a great resource for all of these stories.  Unfortunately, I rarely share these posts because it would dominate my page. 
    It's fucking sick and sad that people still "appreciate" these assholes.  There are no good cops.  If there were, they wouldn't be cops. 
    I really should just bombard people with these stories, but I'm positive they would either be ignored or justified (probably both).  I really wish people would stop supporting these dicks; it's only because they support them that they can exist with this behavior. 
    Hold police accountable! Demonopolize the courts and justice system!
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    Yeah I know what you mean. They would completely dominate this forum if I decided to post every police abuse case I read. Its really an epidemic nowadays. 
    I think the most important thing people need to understand is this abuse is not rare it goes on every day. And whenever you are in proximity of a cop you are in the proximity of someone who can end your life and 9 out of ten times they just get a couple weeks of vacation. They can end your life both literally and metaphorically by planting drugs on you, framing you for whatever crime they want because who investigates cops? Other cops! Cops need to be submitted to the same civil and criminal penalties you and I would face in their position. Especially civil suits when they get sued the taxpayer picks up the tab. I guarantee their would be fewer cases of abuse if you could sue a cop into bankruptcy. So even if the cop isn't charged criminally with their crime they stand to lose their house their car and their wages. 
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    Exactly this. It actually did dominate my page for a while and nobody said anything so I just stopped pouring all of my time into it ..

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