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    This is about kentucky senate bill 5 which basically says if you have THC in your blood you can be arrested and prosecuted for a DUI regardless of your sobriety at the time.

    "Dear Nate:

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding your opposition to Senate Bill 5. It is important that I hear your opinion on issues. I am keeping a tally of the contacts I recieve on each proposed bill, both pro and con. I appreciate your interest and will keep your comments in mind as legislation is brought before the House of Representatives. Again, thank you for sharing your opinion. Let me hear from you again about any other issue of concern"

    this was sent by state representative Steve Riggs.

    I got this response in the form of a letter sent to my house.
  2. I attempted to send one through norml, but it wouldn't go for some reason. This is the most ridiculous bill I have ever heard of! If they're going to let this pass, then they need to let a bill pass to test for EVERY drug! I'm so p*d off at this!

    How did u send your letter?
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    I went to University of Kentucky a few semesters and weed is so easy to get. Almost everyone smokes too. This bill is gonna kill alot of people, but not physically because inanimate pieces of paper can't kill someone. Unless it's a bad papercut that severs the neck or something.

    Anyways, I'll tell my gf tonight about it cuz she lives in KY right now
  4. i find it hard to believe they can just make someone give blood like that anyway
  5. No this is already in effect. I got a dui because the cop said I smelled like it. He has me do the stand on one foot thing for like 45 seconds then takes me to jail and has me pee in a cup and charges me. Hell I could have smoked out two weeks before and still got a dui because of that. It is bullshit.
  6. wow talk about KenSUCKY.


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