Replanted into Dixie cups

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  1. I added a half a bottle 6oz of water with nutes last night.
    Should I add about this much per day???

    I want to get the roots growing before I replant in 6in pots. So I have it in a dixie cup.
    What is about right to water? Daily, Bi-daily, etc... and about how much water do I give them....

    This is only for about 5 days to get the roots in motion until I replant..

    Ohh and Im growing in COCO under a T5

    my jorunal is here..

    thanks in advance
  2. anyone????

    Ive givin this guy a few oz of water today. But I dont know what the "normal" amount of water should be added to the coco on a daily basis
  3. just wait till the soil is dry thats what i do.
    pick it up after you water.see how it weighs in your hand.when its lighter water it.
    letting it dry out is good for the roots so they stretch to try and find water.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Ok great!!!!

    So what you think water then leave it for a couple days then water another 6oz of fluid again when dry??

    Im just worried since it has no run off. and Im really new to plant feeding in general..
  6. There is no "normal".

    6 oz is about what I would give them also though, so that's good.

    It's quite easy to judge though. Feed/water them with 6 oz. Then do so again as soon as there is slight drying of the coco. That's it. It's obv when coco gets dry since it changes from dark brown to very light brown. If you see even a little bit of light brown on the very top layer. Water them again. That might take one day or it might take 3 days. Follow that rule and you will be golden. You can water before it starts drying too, but you won't know what timing that will take unless you let it get to that point a couple times.

    So glad someone had a coco question, lol. It's the only medium I know about.

    Also, don't listen to soil growers :p

    Coco is a little different. I have a little soil experience, but a good amount of coco experience.

  7. Thats what ive heard, that coco is a medium of its own.. Im a total noob so I wanted to make sure I got my facts straight..
    When I move these to my 6in pots Im putting them on a drip system, I have heard that you can almost never over feed with coco having runoff... Im not sure how this is possible.. But Ive read to treat coco more like hydro rather than soil.....

    Ok I will give them a few more oz of fluid and check in a few days..

  8. dude u gota poke some holes at the bottom of the dixie cup please.
    u need holes in the bottom man so it wont drown the roots

  9. Thats exactly what I said to the guy at the hydro place...:confused:

    He said since its only there for root structure and only being a week... That I dont need holes..

    This is totally why im concerned.............

    So I should poke holes then??
  10. well its not really that big of a deal but i would do it.
    of corse if it gets in a bigger acctual pot u need holes
  11. Yes Im going to transplant in a few more days to a 6in pot for the turbogarden drip system by botinicare... They have holes LOL
    I just wasnt sure what im looking for and whatnot for watering and making sure I dont rot out the roots.. I already had 1 die from just being stupid. and this other guy seems to be doing halfway decent. OS i really dont want to kill him...... lol thx
  12. Theres a sub section in the Hydro forum just for coco growing.
  13. yes but in general I had no idea on how much to water...
  14. Don't worry about drain holes in the dixie cup. It's not needed at all. You don't even need run off with coco. That's why I said don't listen to soil growers. The rules are not the same at all. Once you transplant it's a good idea to have drain holes for the occasional flush. For normal waterings/feedings though you don't need run off. I run zero run off in my coco grows. I will do a slight flush about once a month just to clear out any built up salts to be on the safe side, but other than that I don't have run off ever. The guy at the hydro store knew what he was talking about.

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