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Replacing alchohol with weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TOXXlC, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Pretty new smoker here, do you guys find t easy to replace alchohol usage with weed? Not only do I personally like smoking weed to chill out, but also seem to like doing it at parties as well. I like the fact that there are no hangovers to weed, and you can function normally while on weed, but also feel good at the same time. What's your thoughts?
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  2. Sometimes. I tend to drink more than most people, but once some weed rolls around, I lose interest in the alcohol. So for me it's very easy to replace. I never get "weed hangovers" unless I've been on a smoking binge for a while. I think a lot more people would be happier and safer if they replaced alcohol with weed :)
  3. I remember reading an article about recovering alcoholics that use Marijuana are less likely to relapse and start drinking again.
  4. Alcohol +weed = nirvana
  5. No but on days that I'm dry I drink lol
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  6. I like to mix the two way too much. On a alcohol cleanse at the moment.

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  7. I love drinking and smoking while partying. No inhibitions, groovy body high and its tight smoking blunts with 10 people in a small room just passing blunt after blunt till you don't get any higher

    but if I'm being a hermit like normal I can't have more than two mixed drinks and a a few tokes before I get the spins. But I would nevertrrrrrr give up bud for booze
  8. In general I drink maybe once a week. Toke every night doe
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  9. I think you can replace both alcohol and tobacco with weed. I no longer smoke cigarettes and rarely drink now all because I like to smoke weed on occasion.
  10. I dont know if I would necessarily use the word "replace" but I personally like getting high much more than drinking. I drank a lot in college but now that I am older, I would rather take a dab than get drunk. When I drink I find that I just get really tired and want to sleep, whereas I do not get that feeling with dabs. I would honestly rather do a lot of different substances than drink a lot. A beer or two with dinner is one thing but I just honestly do not enjoy drinking anymore.

    It is all personal preference and what floats your boat :).
  11. About seven years ago, I came to a point and place in my life where I was drinking far too much between a couple bands and my first job, which I was afraid of losing due to said drinking. I did smoke then, but not nearly on the level that I do now. Bags were kinda few and far between and small as well. This is pretty much the time in my life where I realized I had it all backwards, and that I wanted to smoke fucking herb all the time, not drink. I made a pact with myself after the 4th of July (had to get that one last rager in, though) that I was going cold turkey, and that I would stick with it as long as possible. To aid me in such endeavors, I decided it was time to be a full-time, all out stoner, and to spend my resources on that instead. Let me tell you right now, that was likely one of the best decisions in my lifetime, because by the third month, alcohol repulsed me. I could be around it, and everyone drinking too, and as long as I had my pipe and I was smokin', it did not bother or faze me one bit. It killed the cravings initially within the first week, made the mild withdrawals I was experiencing ease up completely, and furthermore, raised my self-esteem when I needed it the most. Thanks to cannabis, I managed to do a dime stop from 100 to 0 on a raging drinking habit that had been a while in the making, something I thought couldn't be done. I eased myself back into that world a year to the day, on purpose, and while I can still drink a little, I've never had the problem, or the cravings ever since. I still choose bud over it. All that said though, the right combo of both is fucking amazing.


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