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    So I saw this in a different forum, and I felt the need to share it with my fellow blades.

    Fascinating discourse, chum
    Riveting fable, comrade
    Intriguing anecdote, brethren
    Perpetuating argument, colleague
    Sweet saga, yo
    Amazing passage, my fraternal brethren
    Delightful narration, colleague
    Engrossing lecture, fellow
    outragously riveting dialogue homie
    Scintillating diatribe, my good man
    Perplexing parable, padre
    Bewitching chronicle of previous events, mate
    Fascinating yarn, compadre
    Low Temperature Chronicle, Sibling
    Intersting escapade mon amis
    Interesting tale, skip
    Intriguing fable, compatriot
    Radical mood-killer, bad mama jama
    Astounding parable, sib
    Dandy memoir, crony
    Egregious epic, old chap
    That old chestnut, bub?
    Chilling tale, Buddy!
    Engrossing Lore, Citizen
    Elegant Memoir, acquaintance
    Hot question, sis
    Enthralling explanation, mate
    Sexy report, lover
    It has been revoked, stewie
    Ballin rap G (nice way to copy the poster above)
    Mission accomplished, bush
    Titillating tale, tool bag
    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious story bro
    Enchanting anecdote, pal
    Legit tale yo
    Exhilarating Summary, Jiveturkey
    Compelling adventure, douchebag
    Tantalizing Tale, chap
    Compelling narrative, amigo
    Waste of time, jerk
    Spellbinding reiteration there my chumly companion
    Phantasmagorical Novelization, Oh Great One
    Interesting intellect, imbecile
    Trepidating BOAR, fetus
    Peachy-keen-a-licious novella, maestro
    Intriguing discourse, fratre
    Cunning Citation, Comrade
    Extravagant refantascification, patriot
    Nostalgic fable, nanny
    Titillating tale, tovarisch
    Aye that's a greet story there jimmeh
    Awe-inspiring chronicle, sibling
    Transcendent report, confidante
    Delusional tale of paradactile phosiphorifacation describing periplacticicle tribes of tribulation, enigmatic phriend
    Riveting tale, lad
    Inspiring rant, friend
    There's no sense crying over every flight break . You just keep on flying 'till you run out of cake
    Engrossing Tirade, Offspring of my mother
    Quite the fascinating tale ol' chap
    Interesting turn of events, fap-stain
    Intriguing chronicle, my good sir
    Fabulous article partner
    Excellent report Private, dismissed
    Compelling synopsis, sir
    Enticing anecdote, old bean
    Thanks for the heads up, chief
    Rockin' anecdote, dude
    Jolly good tale, mate
    Fallacious fabrication Foo!
    Excellent adventure, dude
    Righteous jive, Daddio
    01000011011011110110111101101100001000000111001101 11010001101111011100100111100100101100001000000110 0010011100100110111100101110
    Nice job, Chief
    Crikey! That kind of tale will rip the ears off a dingo, mate!
    Intriguing parable, scholar
    Riveting retelling, retard
    Reasonable recourse, Rin Tin Tin
    Fascinating fable, familiar
    Refrigerated prevaricatrion, sophont
    A good ol'back wood story, old chum
    Pithy rabble nubkins
    An epic for the ages, my good man
    L33T fable squire
    Enthralling apologue, senator!
    I commend you on that lovely story old bean
    Interesting iota, kemo sabi
    Absorbing narrative my dear colleague
    Jazzy rendition, daddy-o
    Dandy of a potboiler, old chap!
    Palatable yarn, meathead
    Poop tale, small
    Chilling Chat, Champ
    Exemplary discourse, cohort
    Scintiliating proclamation, my dear fellow
    Ganderworthy gossiping, Gaylord
    Wonderful text, friend
    Arr, that be some tale ye just told, matey!
    Cool beans, bud
    Grevious Gossip, my good gnome
    Perplexing remembrance, bro-sif
    Intriguing iteration, initiate
    Fabulous moment, a$$hole
    Cold saga, Broski
    A yawner yarn, yogi
    Insignificant dissertation, impertinent adjunct
    Jolly good show, ol' chap (wow great, chap for the 15th time, nice one)
    Engrossing elegy, my dear consanguinity
    Perilous poppycock, Pedro
    Orgasmic Climax, Numb nuts
    Intruging blabber, son of Socrates
    A beautifully crafted tale, comrade

    So, I saw this one on highdeas and thought it would be a valid follow up for this thread

    Instead of saying do you understand what im saying, try one of theses out:
    You smelling what im cooking?
    You rocking what im rolling?
    You buying what im selling?
    You drying what im washing?
    You itching what im scratching?
    You leasing what im loaning?
    You puffing what im passing?
    You tugging what im pulling?
    You pasteing what im copying?
    You sipping what im drinking?
    You hitting what im pitching?
    You buttering what im toasting
    You cashing what im checking?
    You catching what im chasing?
    You bagging what im scanning?
    You scanning what im buying?
    You catching what im fishing?
    You checking what im spelling?
    You sniffing what im scratching?
    You smelling what im stepping in?
    You ducking what im dodging?
    You munching what im crunching?
    You sniffing what im spraying?
    You beating what im boxing?
    You snacking what im packing?

    Also we should try to create a bunch more of both of these.
    You wearing what I'm washing?
  2. I think you just made it my mission to use every one of these at some point on this site.
  3. Niiice. Thats a long list, must have taken awhile to come up with.
    Haha some of them are quite funny.
  4. cool story bro
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    didn't read the WHOLE list but,

    Badass bible, Jesus
  6. man someone beat me to it halfway thru the list i decided i was going to respond with a single "cool story bro" but some jackass beat me to it!! (jk lul)

    titillating story, tool bag
  7. LMFAO!
    I just added this to my favorites.
  8. Cool Koran, Mohammed
  9. Amazing passage, my fraternal brethren
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    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious story bro

    This list is now saved on my Google Chrome favorite bar for future use :D

    edit: you should not have showed me this list, every new facebook status will receive one.
  11. LOL@ the binary code one
  12. rightous highary, stoner
  13. I think you forgot...
    "Enlightening prophecy brohammad."
    "Brool story co."
  14. Delusional tale of paradactile phosiphorifacation describing periplacticicle tribes of tribulation, enigmatic phriend.

    ha this is a great list!
  15. Hahahhahahah this is a great list

    "Intruging blabber, son of Socrates"
  16. How about actually listening to what the person has to say. Instead of sarcastically saying "cool stroy bro" like a dick. The person took there time to write something and wants peoples opinions.

    Although I will admit that some threads definatlly do require one of those. Like this one.

    Cool story bro.
  17. Outstanding recollection of events, online acquaintance.
  18. I"m laughing too hard to even think of one.
  19. best. anything. ever.
  20. ^^ butterface :)

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