Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by the DEW man, May 7, 2004.

  1. well im new here if anybody has not already notice does any body now were to get a mini sherlock mine broke need replacement and has any body bought from international oddities i want to so if it does work so i can buy some
  2. Welcome!

    the city is full of cool pipes, and they have great customer service.
  3. welcome to the "emerald" city of weed hope u have fun and ya lots of diff pipes on the store
  4. i no that the store has lots of things but the do not have a MINI sherlock so does any body no o f anthor web page i can go to toi find some

    and does any body no when the store restocks the thing that i did whant they are out of thanx 4 your help

    singrd the DEW man
  5. what are the threads for. this is the first time i have ecer been on a forum
  6. has anybody bought bud out of a high times mag befor if so does it work?
  7. some stoners live and some stoners die but in the end we all get high so if in life you dont suckseed say f the world and go smoke some weed oh and all you preps that think your hot shut the f up and go smoke some pot

    singed the Dew man
  8. Welcome to the city friend. I dont think its actually marijuana thats advertised in the high times ad's and im pretty sure youd be dissapointed. :)

    Have a real bowl
  9. Yea, legal buds are a rip off!
  10. well i hope not im out and its 25 bucks an oz so hopefully its not to much of a rip off puls im legal but ipefer the real thing when i have it :)
  11. dude, buy 25 dollars worth of hay, then smoke that. youll get the same effect, but you can get a couple hundred pounds.....
  12. dude does that really work i have 21 horsesso i spend 200 a week in hay thats why im out of money to buy the real stuff

  13. It works about as good as the legal buds do :D

    shit man, those horses should be out on pasture now, would save you alot of money. just watch for founder.....
  14. dude i live in the desert there is no (GRASS) for miles do you have any money pits that you throw your money at ie horses
  15. yup, grew up around em. at one point we had 45 of em... that sucked! they are def. bottomless pits for throwing money in... especially if you cant pasture them.
  16. were at in OR do you live any were near Xmas valley do you want to chat on msn or yahoo

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