Replacement slider for bong ?

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    Sad times it wasn’t even dropped just split in half .
    54CA0E50-F7B9-4377-B086-579E0F370CDE.jpeg E8214624-2CC3-489F-8318-65796F9DE892.jpeg DB56058F-22FB-4499-A32F-F2B06E05207B.jpeg
    What’s a suitable replacement we’re is best place to buy one ?
  2. That's Sad. :(
  3. The wife and I have broken so many, now I only get the 3 for $10 basic ones on amazon.
  4. Which ones I’m using 18mm can’t find that size on there .
    yeah was my favorite one too , sad loss especially when it wasn’t dropped when it broke or anything just broke .
  5. you'd have to get an adapter, the ones I get are 14mm
  6. Plus I didn’t see anything as cheap as you mentioned so either price went up or it’s unavailable?? I’m stuck probably paying $8+ per peice on other sites .
  7. I found 18mm bowls if that is what you are looking for. I'll link you if you want.
  8. Type 14mm bowl in Amazon search.
  9. Sure sounds good,!!
    That’s were I got the one that broke at , local headshops.

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