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Replacement RooR - Slight Upgrade

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by debauch, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. I picked up this as a replacement for the 14in Purple Label that broke. This is an 18in 5mm Purple Label RooR with diffusor. 315$ with tax. Sugar Daddys. This is the Grimace Sr. (beacuse its taller, the broken 14in is now the Grimace Jr.)


    some Northern Lights - 5.7g's - 100$.

    i am stoned as fuck right now. its been quite a night. just smoked a strawberry-kiwi blunt, dutchmaster blunt my dealer rolled, and some bong rips he packed. :devious:
  2. That is a tight bong. I really like that see through purple label. I havent been able to find one. I will have to talk to the people at homegrown glass to see what they can get me.
  3. fuckin nice debauch, every post you make about RooR makes me that much more anxious to buy mine this summer(mayb a couple since ill have alot more money this summer)
  4. debauch, that is sweet man. All your ROOR's signatures are so cool. Love the color and LOVE your nugs! Good looking greens for sure. :)

    fuzzy, :yay: Nice to see you laaaaaady!
  5. Nice new RooR. bastard. lol

    Hey, i was cleaning out my folders today... and i found like 4 videos of you and fuzz smoking out haha. thought it was weird that it was found in the middle of a bunch of old shit.... oh well
  6. Sweet azz pics, is it just me or is there any sun where you are at, you guys are white yo! HAHAHA ...... JK :wave: . very cool ROOR! JOE>
  7. that thing is sooo killer

  8. hey hey, nice RooR man, sorry to hear the 14'' was deflowered..... do you know where that NL came from by any chance? (town in mass...) im a lil curious, ive heard some of its floatin around...
  9. haha, i've been a bit MIA since my good computer died, still much love for you though! :wave::bongin:
  10. my flash is too bright on my camera, so it does that.

    dont know exactly where it came from, but i get it in boston. ive been seeing it for a few weeks now, and some shishkaberry.
  11. that thing is awesome i love bongs
  12. very nice man, nice bud too
  13. Man, I could imagine all the bud you could get with all the money that goes on pieces. Once I get a couple different bongs and a spoon, I am happy. But it does look nice. You have others that are better though.

    That bud was a little steep, but as long as it gets you high.
  14. i almost got the exact same roor,but i found a black 24incher for the same price and decided height was better then color.

    anyway nice milk shots as always. When are we going to see a vid of you two ripping all your bongs in a row?
  15. You are a ROOR connoisseur my friend. My hat is off.

    That price is a little painful, even for NL, but hey, its dank as fuck.
  16. yea its a shame you got stiffed on the lights but sometimes ya gotta spend a little extra to get the diggity dank:smoke: . atleast you didn't bullshit the price you payed like im sure half the people on here do ++rep for that and the sick piece.
  17. Everything looks tight man. Have fun rippin it.
  18. should be getting an o of some good stuff for 200 something some time tonite.

    the NL is definately worth the price, its kicks my ass.
  19. looks crazy good. enjoy it

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