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replacement for my hose

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by asianINVasian, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So here's me dillema. I'm 18 last year of highschool, but still livin with the rents. I don't have the money to buy some hose becasue i spend it all on tree:smoking: but i have all the other material to make a homemade icecatcher according to the great instructions of the [SEMS1] bong making guide thingy.

    So what can I use other than a hose? I don't want to use pens or other plastic stuff cause I hear it can kill you. what should i use?
  2. Using plastic pen tubes in conjunction with metal bowls such as socket wrenches works just fine. As long as you're getting smoke to your lungs, you're all set.
  3. what?
  4. Sorry, I'm blazed and drunk out of my mind. Plastic bic pen tubes are fine to use. Just be sure you're not inhaling any fumes from the plastic. High quality foil such as the Reynold's brand is safe to use as well.
  5. did you just say reynolds brand foil is safe to smoke out of?
    like could I make a bowl out of it?
  6. yeha dude never heard of that? it works pretty well when you got nothing else but i recommend the wrench socket for health precautions.

    I tried making it out of pen things and it turns out i had a couple of metal pens, what do people think? is that kind of metal safe to smoke from?

  7. Some metals are safe, some are a serious health hazard. In between the two is tin/aluminum foil. You'd be better off going to your local headshop and getting a glass bowl and down stem. I think brass and steel are safe though.
  8. okay thats' what i thought, and dude i would totally be down with buying glass, but unfortunately i'm a little low on cash at the moment, so that's why i'm not getting one quite yet.

    you think the pens are made from metal or steel?
  9. Hmm, i would use the pen for a down stem, and for a bowl i would use some stainless steel socket wrench heads, if you dont know what they are or dont remember:
    Those little stainless steel head thingys that attaches to the wrench. Buy some screens, and then follow the tutorial on how to make a bong that is stuck on the apprentice tokers section.
  10. cool that's basically what i have, i might post a picture on here later but the whole thing is wrapped in so much ducktape it's hard to see what it's made of.

    but do you think a screen is really necessary? i don't have one in it right now and it's okay at the moment.
  11. Take a t-break and save enough to buy a real bong it will be worth it in the long run
  12. well i got a dub sitting in my room so i need to smoke it i can't not smoke with some great bud sitting next to me :p

    but really about the screen, is it really nescesaaryy?
  13. smoking out of foil and cheap plastics not meant to withstand super heated gas passing through them

    is perfectly okay


    cant you bum a zigzag or something?
  14. haha i could probably bum something from my friends but i want to be the one with the good stuf >:D

    but your saying its' safe plastics and tin foils? that's good news.

    but still anyone have a say about screens?
  15. ok.. just use a pentube... or if u still are sketch... use a winchime... use an antena... or u can use scissors and something else.. to strip the insulation off of a cable cable... and then take the innards out and use the black rubber as a hose
  16. those are all great ideas, i'll keep those in mind.

    but i want to nkow about the screeen. does anyone have any opinions about screens...
  17. its just so your bud doesnt fall down the tube. thats it. you dont need one at all.
  18. thanks so it's not really necessary, i'm using a pen so maybe i should invest in a screen. i'll check it out.

    as far as ice catchers go, does anyone know how much ice is recommended cause i put in some icea nd it didn't do that much, do you have to put in a lot?
  19. dude why dont you just smoke out of a soda can or somethin like that. theyre easy to make ive done it a few times back in the day before i had any legit pieces.
    but then again with the metal... i heard it can cause alzheimers so i dunno :confused:
    jus tryin to be helpful!
    remember, its easy to be creative :)
  20. He was being sarcastic, hence the ":rolleyes:"
    No it is not safe to smoke out of plastics or tinfoil...

    And to the poster above me, smoking out of a can is retarded, not to mention dirty.

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