Replacement Downstems

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  1. I recently bought a 21inch illadelph beaker and ashcactcher and was looking to replace the stock illy downstem. Any suggestions?

    I am currently looking at the SG or Alex K. Not sure which one tho. Currently *** is out of the 6 inch SG which is the same length as my current downstem but do have the 5.5inch. If I do choose the SG would the loss of .5 inches make a differnce?

    Also i read that the Alex K should be vertical when used, is that true?
  2. The Alex K, SG gridded, and Leisure 6 arm are all great downstems.

    The Alex K should be at a 90* angle with the water. You can achieve this by tilting the top of your tube towards you when you're about to rip it. With an SG gridded 180*, you don't have to do this. I'm not sure about the Leisure 6 arm.

    I personally would go with the SG gridded simply because I love smoking out of grids :bongin:
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    Yea I'll probably go with the gridded. I wish SG had a black downstem like Alex K has. It looks sick

    Btw dose anyone know any *** discount code?
  4. I prefer mostly clear glass myself
  5. yea i love clear glass also but i like to change up the colors in the downstems
  6. Ssfg has a gridded worked downstem for 55

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