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replacement bowls

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chunkmasta, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. mmh i posted on the other thread but ill ask it again here ...

    where can you buy replacment anonized metal bowls and stems?

    im tryin to build i nice ol bong but i dont no where to buy those things.. i dont want a glass one either ther etoo expensive
  2. Go over to your nearest head shoppe. Duh!!

    Okay, maybe you don't live near a good-sized city. Check out the hardware store nearest you. I've heard that toilet pipes are good and have perfect bowls. If all else fails, then you'll have to go with tin foil... ewwww...

    Good luck!
  3. wow home depot is god .. i spent 35 bucks and i bought everyhting i needed for a 5 bongs there pretty nice too .. ill take some pics when i get my camera... i bought pcv tubes for the plastic parts and got 2 caps and a bound of tubing and shiats.. wow
    nice shit and for cheap too .. still wish i could find those damn bowls
  4. glass really aint all that expencive, i got a realy basic chillum (not a pull out) for 7 bucks, i i can duble as a pipe in a scratch.

    Tin foil is so bad your better off craving one out of wood

  5. Eep. I read somewhere that pcv is a big no-no. I think it filters out THC or something.
  6. i dont get how could pvc filter out THC? smoke isnt passing THRU it or anything, its just the material for the stem. does the material for the stem matter?

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