Replacement bowls?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Digit, May 27, 2003.


anyone else waiting to be able to buy bowls?

  1. yup. I am.

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  2. nope. not me.

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  1. quite ashamedly, despite being one of the regulars @ the city, i havnt been a big shopper, but...
    the one thing i definately need/want from the city shop is a bowl... a colour changing bowl that would fit in my existing bongs would be great.

    when can we expect to see them in stock?

    been waiting for donkeys!

    and would we be able to order specific sized stems on them too? or do we have to buy them as a seperate peice?
  2. hoho spam actually has a return for once!

    anyway, i once bought a bowl from the city, not one for a bong though, a color changing spoon to be exact, but i got in a car accident and the cops took it away, but thats okay because w/ the way this one cop was eyeing it, i would say it's still being put to good use.

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