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  1. i keep having a repative dream about my girl friend cheating on me, the first time it was just a normal short dream, loose visuals etc but the other few times and especially the last one (its 3:42 am i just woke up from it) seemed to go for hours, it involved crying and screaming and was extremely realistic and detailed.
    there where heaps of people from my life involved at several different points and it took place over what seemed to be a entire day.

    the whole narrative seemed to flow in chronological order, it included proof with pictures and long conversations that seemed real.

    this really has me shaken for some reason, when i woke up i still felt as though she had cheated minutes after.

    is my subconciouse trying to tell me something? has anyone else experienced this?
  2. I got the same thing, one of the reasons I broke up with mine. She thinks dreams are not related to your thoughts at all but it is your sub conscious. Anyways I kept seeing her cheating and she kept telling me she had sexual dreams that other people were a part of and I just said fuck that my sub conscious is telling me.

    I'm not saying break up with her, just saying that it is your deep thoughts, it's not just random shit. Really think about it.
  3. you are right, i did not want to add this as i thought it may change the outcome of the answers i got but it has worried me that she was/has been cheating. when i met her i sort of "stole" her off another guy and she claims to have not been with anyone since. sometimes i will smell something or something in my mind will tell me that what she is saying is suspicouse. i have asked her before and she is in full denial. i also think if she had cheated she would not tell me because she is very afraid to losoe me (god knows why).

    this is driving me literally insane
  4. man there's no sense in worrying about it. Chances are, it's just a silly dream. I have a recurring dream about zombies, dreams don't ALWAYS mean something.
  5. Ok this is going to sound weird, but ive had a repetitive dream about being in a town taken over by zombies, and me and 3 people have to go through it. Again i know it sounds weird but, the way i have to go through the city is always the same route. I have always wanted to find out what makes me dream this dream over. It does not happen every night, and its pretty rare actually, but its weird how you bring it up because it happened to me last night. Now i would not type all this to BS, this is a real dream that i have sometimes.
    I wish we could all tell what our dreams ment. :(
    But life is a mystery, and i guess our dreams will be kept that way to.
  6. serial: dreamsoften derive from things in your own life. thats why your family and friends were in it. it could also be worrying about losing something important to you in your life thats in the back of your head. you have to ask yourself if theres a possibility of losing your job, getting arrested, etc.
  7. I have the same types of dreams on the rare occasions I have a girlfriend. In mine the chick I'm with usually just starts cheating right in front of me then they both laugh at me about it. I don't think to much about the dreams though, as I've had a couple in the past where Sadaam Hussein was trying to kill me, and that never happened.
  8. I'm a first-year psych student, and the most modern research on dreams is that they mean absolutely nothing.

    LOOSELY comparable to a hard drive defragging, it's your brains way of purging is the most modern theory.

    Take it for what it's worth though, I'm far from an expert, just recalling from lecture.
  9. i read somewhere once that it can mean alot of things. it could mean you have something in your life that you should be or are aware becoming of. it could mean stress, and also read that most of the time its not about the person that was in the dream. heres one of the places i found stuff on:
  10. Well, ask her if she's cheating on you.

    Find out do some secret espionage work!

    Often times people DO have dreams that turn out to be true. You owe it to yourself to find out.

    After all you wouldn't want to be with a cheatin bitch would you?
  11. It could just be your insecurity about thinking that your girlfriend will cheat on you.

    Ever consider telling her? Not sure how that would go over though..
  12. Fact is, people pretend like they know, but nobody can give you a definitive answer. Don't treat your girl any differently, but try to keep one eye open if you can.
  13. this is driving me insane the only way il get over it is if i find out THE TRUTH but how the fuck do i do that? talking or asking is not a option.we dnt live together but i see her often. hmmmm is there any foolproof way of knowing without hiring a p.i

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