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Repercussions of having a cannabis card...?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by twoJAYSat840, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I don't have a cannabis card/MMJ card, but I was wondering if there are any repercussions of having one. For example, if you are a MMJ patient/card holder, will that show up on job resumes, or anything else like that? Thanks for the info guys!
  2. on resumes, not unelss you want them to know. but i doubt they would know unless you had a criminal record. the doctors keep things confidential. well most.
  3. Ok so if I was a MMJ patient, and I don't inform my potential employer in the resume, theres no way of them knowing?
  4. Not unless they go through your wallet :)
  5. Ok awesome. If I'm 18 and I live with my parents is there any way of them knowing? My current doctor is a family doctor, but if I went to a different doctor then I'm guessing that would be the right solution?
  6. Medical records are confidential unless you sign a release saying specifically who you wanted them released to. Being a card holder won't protect you from drug tests, an employer will still be able to not hire you if you have a dirty test, even with a card.

    There is no way for anyone to find you out have a MMJ rec, unless you tell them, or specifically authorize the doctor to them.
  7. If an employer decides to not hire you because you are a MMJ patient, is it usually a decision based on judgement, or do a lot of businesses have actual rules against hiring MMJ patients?

    I'm only asking this out of curiosity because I don't plan on getting a card any time soon (I do have a small case of acid reflux with intense heartburn, and had stomach ulcers about 2 years ago, but I don't know if that is a valid reason to have a card), but could I just go to any doctor's office and tell them my symptoms and ask for a recommendation letter or w/e it is you need? Or does it have to me the doctor that I go to normally?
  8. There is no reason for you to even tell a future employer that you have a card in the first place.

    You can get a referal from your original doctor and take that to another doctor to write the marijuana recomendation.
  9. You are better off going to a doctor that specializes in recommending MMJ, provided that you go to your regular doctor first and obtain a complete copy of your medical records.

    Whiskey is right on the other questions. Your medical records are protected by Federal HIPAA laws, which means they are private unless you authorize someone else to view them. Recommending doctors and dispensaries are also bound by the same laws.

    And yes, you can still be terminated for just being a patient, should your employer find out. California is an 'at-will' employment state, you can be terminated for just about anything these days, and a MMJ recommendation WILL NOT protect you from being terminated for failing a drug test.
  10. Was curious about the current drug test situation regarding MMJ, and as always you have an answer Will. +rep man, you do a great thing on these forums.
  11. #11 twoJAYSat840, Sep 15, 2009
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    So all I would need to do is just get the copy of my medical records from my regular doctor? Do they need reason for you to ask for a copy or will they just give it to you if you ask for it?

    Edit: By the way, the more I've thought about it, the more I want to get a card because i was diagnosed about two years ago with a chronic case of GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). I've read on other forums and websites that people with GERD have tried MMJ and for most it has greatly helped, and in a few others it didn't help at all (some made worse). I was previously on prescribed Prevacid, which helped a bit but not completely, and since I've been off it I have been experiencing heartburn a lot more often and more intensely. So MMJ could be a possibility in the future, I'm just a little reluctant to go to my doctor and ask for the recommendation (or whatever it is you need from your original doctor) because he is a family doctor and I wouldn't want my parents to know about using MMJ.
  12. You dont need a reason. You are entitled to your medical records whenever you want them
  13. You shouldn't have to give a reason, they're YOUR records after all. You may have to make a payment to get copies though...usually something like $15 - $25 (if there is one at all).

    Insurance companies regularly request records, it's really not that uncommon of a thing.
  14. Do I even need to make an actual appointment to obtain my medical records or can I just walk into the office and ask for it?

    And if I do get a card, would it go on my medical record for my regular doctor to see? I'm only asking this because my doctor could mention something about it to my parents if he notices it on my records.
  15. ^^^Your parents? Aren't you over 18? If you are then I don't think you should be worried about your Doctor saying anything to your parents since you're legally an Adult.

    I tried to get my medical records once. The only reason was to be prepared for my MMJ appointment. Then they told me it was 25 cents a page and I said fuck it. I ended up just showing my Physician my prescription medications and that validated my illness enough.

    No one knows about your MMJ card unless you want them too. Or unless they're spying and investigating on you for some odd reason.
  16. The reason I'm so concerned about my parents finding out is that my mom is incredibly against marijuana. If she ever found out, I'd be cut off by my mom's side of the family as my grandparents are strongly against it as well. They are pretty ignorant about marijuana, so trust me when I say that they absolutely can't find out about it, that's why I'm so concerned about my parents finding out. On the other hand, my dad would be totally cool about it haha.
  17. Your an adult, why do you care what they think, if their ignorant like that then why does it matter, no they wont find out but you shouldnt worry about what they think unless they are paying for your shit or something, but then why cant your dad do that...
  18. This thread is ridiculous. Just don't tell anyone if you don't want them to know.
  19. If it's ridiculous then why are you wasting your time posting in it? I had a few questions and needed help with an issue, what else should I do when I need advice? And it's not that easy. My mom's side of the family is filthy rich and they pay for my college tuition and bought me a new car over the summer. So yeah, I kind of need to care what they think because several necessities in my life can be taken away if I am cut off from that side of my family. My dad is not financially stable at all and he doesn't even have any family alive on his side. His parents and sister and grandparents are all dead.
  20. Sorry about that...When the prejudiced are paying for your education it can make things really difficult. I know people who have had to stay closeted (lesbians) during all of med school because their Mormon parents would KILL them if they knew. Literally. With a gun.
    They never let the folks know. They still think they are roommates.

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