repairing a bubbler

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    So this is my piece:
    it broke like, two hours ago.
    Right now I've got a steel pen tube stuck in the hole where the mouthpiece used to be, with some tiny pieces of bamboo jammed in the gaps for a better seal. It's actually a pretty decent fix, as bad as it looks, so I don't really need to repair anything. I'd much prefer to have my bubbler back in one piece if it can be used safely, though. 
    Would gorilla glue this Quiksteel stuff I've just read about/something similar be a bad idea in this situation? It's a pretty clean break, and the area where it'd be applied gets just a barely noticeable warmth to it after going through a full bowl.

  2. Yeah you can glue that and not worry about it. Just if you do happen to notice the glue melting or you taste something that's not right don't keep smoking it. Shame:/

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