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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. what is +rep and why do ppl do it? and is it anything to do with the reputation bars under your name? what are those and how do they grow?
  2. +rep is used when someone gives good advice, tells a funny story, gives a link to something good etc, use your better judgement for it

    it is directly related to the bars under your name. 100 rep points equals a little green bar, until you get to light green where it takes 200 per each light green bar

    rep is bascially a joke nowadays as people tend to abuse the system

    oh and to give +rep(or -rep) click the little scale looking icon to the top right of the post you wish to give rep to
  3. +rep for that tokinblue
  4. thanks for the purp :D

    no one can deny some purp :smoke:
  5. The question is, what is the SEARCH button?...It helps you find stuff you need, click on "search" then type in your Query, in this case "+rep" and BAM! you get a list of threads containing this information..
  6. i thought about saying that, but i was bored and had nothin better to do and just told him :)
  7. -rep for posting this in Seasoned Tokers!

    J/K :)
  8. how does it grow?

    with tender loving care of course! (after youve planted the little rep seed in a 20 gallon bucket).
  9. what an a-whole!:mad:
  10. +Rep to all the growers wherever you abide.

    Much love!
  11. Actually, when I first came here I tried searching for stuff on rep and couldn;t find anything worthwile. Maybe I missed something? I dunno

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