Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. sorry this is probably a dumb question, but how do i look at all the rep i have gotten?

  2. just go to "User CP"
  3. I've been wanting to ask this myself, but, as you say, I thought it might be a dumb question. Thanks for asking...! ;)
    And thank you for answering... what a strange little revelation this 'rep' thing is! Thank goodness... my real-life 'rep' is better than my online 'rep'! I think I'll choose not to obsess over that idea...! :cool:

    And to show that I'm taking it with a grain of salt, I've changed the caption under my name...
  4. ive seen it in USER CP but it only shows recent rep, how can i see all the rep i have gotten?

  5. I don't think ya can Perfkt

  6. Uhhh... you kinda only have one bar... Either your rep is up and down like a yo yo or that's just all the rep you've actually gotten...
  7. oh thats how you tell people's rep? i just found out about it about a week ago... i was like why is everone saying +rep? weird fad.... but yea, my reps seems to suck as well lol

    [edit] +rep to perfekt for makin my sig

  8. Just goes to show....if you're thinking of asking a question you might as well go ahead and ask it, even if you think it's dumb, because the guy beside you is probably trying his best to get up the balls to ask the same question.:D
  9. weird, i really would know how the hell i got 80 points of rep!

  10. i posted this exact same question in the past... but we came to the conclusion that you can't view it all, only your most 10 recent in the user cp.

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