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  1. Noticed a phenomenon here on GC, not really that important of one, but one that does pique my interest and gives me a little chuckle at times.

    Have you ever noticed that new members, usually ones with only their first bar, will make a post saying they enjoys somebody else's post, and at the end of their post, say +rep? I have only ever seen new members, or those members who cannot actually give out rep say that.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's great to just know that your contributions are being appreciated.:D

    Anyways, GC, how's shit? :bongin:
  2. I'm new an was unaware of +rep toll just then. You sir, are an educator! But I don't are about the rep feature anyway I've decided....

    Regardless, peace!! :smoke:

  3. +rep. I totally agree with you!

  4. I've never said +rep, I don't see the point. If I give them rep, they'll know about it, I don't see why anyone else cares.
  5. +rep man, hell of a thread.
  6. -rep... i wish
  7. I like when they say +rep in the thread but they don't actually add to your reputation
  8. Nothing more than an observation.
  9. I totally agree with this thread, love it, +rep

  10. I feel the same way. Kind of pointless to be frank.
  11. +rep for everyone except OP
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    I've done that (oops lol) sometimes it takes me a couple weeks to remember lol because I'm usually on my phone not my computer..like I know I wanted to rep someone..what they said..and I can't remeber who or what thread lol. So ill have to go back through my posts but I will +rep them eventually
  13. Back when i signed up everyone used to say that Old school members new members everyone.
  14. How do you check who repped you? I dont see it now under "my account".. I want to get to that page where you see who repped you and if they left a comment about your rep

  15. Now that's just pointless :rolleyes:
  16. + rep + rep + rep + rep + rep + rep +rep + rep...am i in the club?
  17. if someone can +rep me id be sure to return the love.
  18. As a new guy I really wish when I gave rep that it counted for the poster. I like to really give credit where it's due. There are so many outstanding tech posts and posts that just flat out make sense that deserve it.
  19. New or old if you ask for reputation I will never give you any.
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    Go to User Cp, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

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