Rep. Ron Paul Introduces H.R. 1831, The Industrial Hemp Farming Ac

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    Re-post, I initially put it in the wrong section.

    I know there are a lot of Paul supporters here... regardless, this is some great news for the (potential) future of hemp in the US.
  2. I hope it passes. Each small step forward is a victory.
  3. link didn't work for me, but i'm guessing this doesn't legalize for individual gardeners?
    what qualifies you as a "farmer", if anyone knows?
  4. Not really. Acres and acres of hemp can really fuck up a quality grow op. Those shitty hemp males could breed with some top of the line MJ girls and now you got a bunch of worthless seeds and less than quality pot.
  5. This would really help if passed, think about it people would see hemp everywhere, thus after it becomes more socially acceptable, let the legalization begin. If it passes I won't give up hope for america unfortunately big oil, paper companies etc) are against this law and are probably sending out lobbyists. While the so called "moral" republicans would fight to keep it illegal. I love how there was only one republican sponsor of the bill besides Ron Paul, but vote for this and you got my respect. Hemp is also used for biofuel and paper, essentially helping the environment.
  6. I really Hope all of this goes through.
  7. sorry to be blunt but, stfu. sensimilla is not going away, and besides, its not like all the sudden everybody and their grandma is going to be growing it. Those who are already supplying the blackmarket are doing so underground, so it is highly unlikely grow ops way out in the middle of nowhere or in somebodies basement are going to be pollinated

    It is a great step towards overall victory, it will give awareness to those who have no clue about the real commercial benefits of this great plant - its not all about the bud itself man, and i think you along with a large amount of stoners need to realize that
  8. I don't see how this is a step at all, it's hemp for industrial use... It's like as if the alcohol prohibition was still on and we legalized putting alcohol in baby wipes, it may be similar in sight and smell, but growing industrial hemp isn't changing much. The people who don't know what it is are going to look it up and realize it's not marijuana and not care, they aren't legalizing thc for commercial growth just the fibers that hemp produces... I'm glad to see Ron is passing it however.
  9. okay, everyone bashing industrial hemp needs to do some fact checking. what part of hemp being used as an alternative fuel, clothing, food, and BIODEGRADABLE plastic didnt you understand? legalizing hemp is much more important than legalizing cannabis in my mind, it would end the economic suppression of a crop thats just plain superior to cotton. read up on hearst paper company and dupont and how they originally conspired to take hemp out of the picture so their businesses would flourish. even the cotton industry is in on this, essentially every manufacturing sector has blood on their hands so to speak.
  10. To be even more blunt.....I don't give a shit about the commercial benefits of hemp.
  11. its not really about the money, its about the job creation, market competition, and sustainable practices that commercial hemp will create. if you dont give a shit about commercial hemp, maybe you care a little more about the health of the planet as a whole? do you care that landfills are filling up with garbage that will never decompose? do you care that the most profitable companys of ALL TIME, the oil industry, have a stranglehold on the american economy and legislative branch? wouldnt you prefer a sustainable fuel that didnt cost so much and was so dangerous to contain? what do you care about?

  12. The idea that can happen is all apparently based on one pro hemp anti-recreational marijuana article written in the 1970's which cites no references and sounds like it is promoting hemp as a way to wipe out recreational cannabis.:confused:

    If anybody knows someone who has actually had their grow cross pollinate with industrial hemp, it would be nice if they could post their experiences:).

    The only cross pollination I've been able to verify was done by hand in a greenhouse to product a higher CBD strain. They had to brush it, bag it and all that to get it to "take".

    So I do not know if large scale cross pollination is possible, or a myth started to promote industrial hemp under the Nixon administration?
  13. I'm doing a research paper on hemp so thanks, I'll add this to my paper :)
  14. . . . and Ron Paul continues to receive my support.

  15. This is extremely arrogant and ignorant on your part. Try thinking about someone besides yourself.

  16. Fuck hemp. You guys are just being disingenuous. At least I'm being honest in my opinions. Most of you couldn't care less about hemp other than its similar to MJ, hoping that legalizing hemp will mean that MJ is legalized as a result.
    You're calling me arrogant and ignorant, well I'm calling you a hypocrit.

  17. Once again, your ignorance is showing via your broad sweeping generalization that is ENTIRELY false. Please stop posting your negativity in this thread.
  18. I'm sorry I told the truth and I'm also sorry that you can't handle the truth.
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    From an outsider looking in it looks like you're being an asshole, literally responding to 2 threads that were happy that this was passing regardless of what they said you still said stupid shit. Stop being a troll and go do something else.

  20. You're attacking an issue you know nothing about. If you knew the first fact about hemp you would realize its classification as such mandates that its THC content be less than .01%, thus neatly separating it from the psychoactive stuff we're all so fond of. You are blind and ignorant if you believe those who push hemp legalization are in it for legalizing psychoactive cannabis. This shows you know nothing of the breadth of problems legal hemp could address on its own. If you really love pot, do some research kid.

    I challenge you to take more than 5 minutes to look into the issue of hemp. Perhaps you will learn how and why its strength and versatility as a fibrous textile places it in a superior position against cotton, wood pulp, and many other synthetic derivatives that man has tried to emulate from nature. Until you prove you're not just a troll, you don't deserve any more effort.

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