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Discussion in 'General' started by NebbieGrow09, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. How do I increase my rep ?

    Is it that green block ?

    What does it take to increase it to 2 blocks ?
  2. Just post insightful, funny or interesting comments and other people will increase your rep for you.

  3. How come what you gave me was gray ?

    Someone else gave me green ?

    How many of these do you need to get 2 blocks ?

    Thanks for the rep lol.
  4. you need 100 "points" for a new bar.

    posters can give you +rep or -rep for a post, and the more rep that person has, the more "points" you get for their +rep.
  5. I don't know ..I sometimes get gray ones from people with heaps of rep points too.
    I never know why???

    Sorry man, it's not something I have any control over. :confused_2:
  6. How do you know how many "points you have ?

    And -rep takes away points ?

    How often do you guys get rep ?
  7. i rep when i find a post full of valuable information, if someone makes me laugh real hard, or if i feel you deserve it for some oter reason.
  8. go to your control panel and it says all the rep u got in the upper right hand corner of that box it says how many points u have
  9. post pictures of high quality weed, if your a girl post pictures of your cleavage, post pictures of expensive glass and you will have a full hard e-penis in no time
  10. One more question how come this thread and many other arent showing up in my user cp ?

    Like ones Ive just posted on.
  11. the only way that threads will show up in your cp is if youve subscribed to them, not just created or posted in...
  12. Jesus christ.... these threads pop up EVERY day... RMJL shouldn't have delted my Rep thread...

    I'll make a new one tonight or tomorrow so these damn noobs quit asking about Rep..

    Be more worried about quality posts and the rep will come.
  13. Im not worried I was just curious.
  14. yea i still give grey rep. i think its because i dont have many posts. so hopfully when i have a lot of them when i give people erp it will be more than just the thought that counts lol.
  15. Don't mind him, he is always grumpy.
  16. Green rep is +rep
    Red is -rep
    Gray doesnt count

    People give you rep if they like or dislike your post.

    Thats the basics.
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    It's pretty much a (scientifically accurate) barometer for God's Love.

    See how some of us have light-green bars? Yeah, that means someone[Hint: it's God] prefers us.

    Grey Rep = God laughing at you.

  18. :hello:!

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