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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by shadymonk3327, May 3, 2006.

  1. how do you up rep somone, how long do you have to be a memeber to be +rep'd or to +rep somone else
  2. theres a button on the top right of every post. Click that and youll get the option to +rep or -rep. i believe once your a member you can rep. correct me if im wrong . the button looks like a scale.
  3. Click the little counter-weight scale picture at the top, right-hand side of every post.
  4. im not sure how long, but after a certain amount of time you can leave rep. new members just leave a purplish grey bar which is neutral

    use a search there are TONS of threads about rep
  5. ive been registared for a whole 18 hours now and i see the little plus or minus rep bar... and i dont think the admin gave it to me because im dashingly good looking. apparently all members, new or old, can give rep
  6. no, you misunderstood me

    if YOU were to try and give me rep right now, it would show up as neutral rep my friend, meaning you could not affect my actual reputation

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