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+ rep huh??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PunchingZebra, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. It mean's your not incompetent of common sense.
  2. There is a glitch, if you are balling out, all day everyday ... I heard your rep bar stays at two green bars.
  3. Ah, I remember my first rep... GIMME MOAR!
  4. Posi to anybody who gives me the requirements to be able to neg somebody
  5. It actually means you're not such a shitty member.

    Still shitty though.
  6. It can mean you're a helpful member.. Or a funny troll.

    I personally think it's best to try to stay in the between of those two =D
  7. It can mean that you answer questions from nearly 3 years ago ?:rolleyes:
  8. The inside scoop to getting full rep bars, fast?

    Tell everyone you're a girl, and make it evident. Tittay pics are always appreciated, too. At least those bitches are working for it, na'mean?

  9. I think you have to be a mod or a paying member.

  10. i remember when I was balling out all day everyday
  11. soo.. Rep is the green bars abover your name? or no.?
  12. Yes, and just for the record, liking something wont add rep.

  13. yes. Right now you've got one. As more people rep your posts, you'll build up more green bars.
  14. Yup. Go to your user CP to get a more detailed rundown on your rep. Do you have any?

  15. Alright, and idk yet. hopefully i do, im a good guy.:ey:
  16. Yeah actualy, i did have 1.

    so now i have to get 9 more to get another green bar?
  17. I wanna know what my rep power is...

    I repped you. How many points you got now?
    I think it takes a handful more than 10 to add another bar. Probably around 100 points pers bar or something
  18. Thanks man, now i have 20 points
  19. As the rep bar grows so does the amount of rep you need for each level.
    It gets harder to get to the next level after each subsequent one.
  20. I dont think rep counts until you have a light green bar...I think rep points start at 20 when you join

    rep can be hard to come by for some or extremely easy
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