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Discussion in 'General' started by bird4239, May 17, 2010.

  1. SO i haven't posted often enough on here but i felt the need to share some information with my fellow blades.

    Saturday has been possibly one of the best days i have ever experienced at work. The day started off busy and every now and then i would get a customer with an odd ball part or they don't know what is wrong with their car. I do my best to help them out in any way i can. So short story short, the district manager has been at my store for the past couple days. On Saturday i was brought into the office for my 6 month review. I was given a large raise in pay, told that i was the best overall worker in the entire store and i would be moving up in rank as head of parts sales(means iv got more responsibility and id be training all new hires, have acc. codes works) and that i was doing a great job at solving the more difficult problems our customers have. Apparently some one said something to the DM about how happy they were because i went out of my way to help them out. There has never been a single day i was not blazed, all day every day :smoking:

    figured i just rep the blades a little and put another good tally mark on our side.
  2. Congrats on the raise and promotion all while being high. Yep, we stoners can be very productive members of society. :hello: :smoking:
  3. Yes indeed we can. I know a few people who are the exact opposite of me. when im using the herb i work harder and smarter then i think i normally would if i was sober. It must just be the good mood or something.
  4. Congrats dude :D
  5. Cool man ^_^

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