+rep for quick help ! going to walmart in an hour !

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FYL, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. im going to pick up some nutes
    i have 3 vegging plants
    and 1 flowering plant (autoflower)

    i'v used 10-15-10 NPK so far.

    but give me the best info u can give me and ill +rep you.

    for vegging : whats the best NPK ?
    for flowering : whats the best NPK ?

  2. As appealing as that +rep sounds....
  3. Higher Nitrogen for veg which is the first number in that string of number.

    For flower you want more P and K and N. Some flower nutes are 0-#-#

    Good luck, it might be better to wait and go to a hydro store or a garden store and ask them what to give your tomatoes for blooming.
  4. Chemical nutes are just about all you are going to find at walmart, you arnt going to find anything like Fox Farm or Advanced Nutes but thats just fine.
    I have no problem useing chemical nutes and not just organic. Schultz, Peters and Scotts all make great basic nutes for veg and flowering. For flowering i would suggest Peters all purpose plant food which is 20-20-20 and then for flowering check out Schultz Bloom Plus which i believe is about 5-55-10
    Start your plants out about a quarter of the directed mixture at first though then work your way up.
    All of these products are around $8-15 and are well worth it when you get a tub of powder that will last you quite a few grows.

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