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  1. I have access to a 35 watt hps light. It is a small box with a light on the bottom of it. I assume the ballast and ignitor are located inside this small box. My question, how much will it take to run this as far as my electric company is concerned? I have read the forums and found the formula 35 watts x 24 hours/1000 x .10. My question is, since its a box, does the ballast and ignitor take up power too? How much electricity will the box consume as a whole?

    Any response is appreciated, thank you guyz.
  2. Also, there are 3 wires coming out of this box. One labeled 120volt, then another wire and a green wire. There doesn't seem to be an off/on switch. Im afraid to hook this up i don't want to start a fire. Any expertise?
  3. Im not sure in how much $ but it wont be much. 35 watts is 35 watts. Most lights that people have for there lamps at home are 35 watts.

    I had an old street light I used for a few weeks that was a 70 watt hps and it didnt have an on /off switch. When you plug it in it just turns on. I would assum (not sure) that those wires are for the switch but I really dont know.

    Do you even know if it works? Have you plugged it in yet?
  4. yeah its my buddies he said it works. Im not sure how to power it though. Like i said I have an extra computer monitor plug i could splice it too...im thikning i should do that then plug it into a power strip just to be on the safe side to see if it trips anything. Nervous when dealing with power i've been shocked before and dont'want to repeat that experience:):)

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