Rep FAQ got deleted?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ghost360, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I came here to see how far away i was from my third bar, and the sticky is gone. Anyone know how many points are needed to get your third bar?
  2. 100 for each dark green, so 300 for 3 dark greens
  3. 300 points to get to your third, when you get into the light green bars then it's every 200 points get's you a new bar :)
  4. Wouldent it be 200? ;) you already start off with a bar

  5. Yeh but i was saying you have to have 300 points. not get haha my bad
  6. woot! 5 points away from my third bar :D

  7. Does it really matter that much? All I've seen lately is a bunch of people concerned about rep. You should be concerned about posting good stuff rather than how big your rep bar is.

    I mean if I were a meaner person I might be tempted to neg rep you just for caring too much. But I'm not and I won't

  8. Yeh quality over quantity is always good.

  9. I'm not concerned about my rep, I was simply curious how many points away I was from my next bar like everybody else.

    You seem to be in a bad mood lately. Something got you down?
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    i wouldn't say that that, it's to easily misinterpreted as disrespect of sarcasm. I'm not saying mind your own business or anything but he did say at the end that he wasn't going to Neg Rep you so why does it matter :confused:

    And yeh there are loads of people going crazy about Rep at the moment.
  11. Im only 12 points away, but i agree quality of your post's makes a difference

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