+Rep and Props to Dr Ganja Guerrilla

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Dewave, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to say thanx and +Rep to Dr Ganja Guerrilla aka Doc GG!

    I noticed that in every posts since GC started (7 pages) of sick plants he has helped probably 100's of growers, myself included.

    I also noticed alot of peeps never return and give feed back after he diagnosed, prescribed, treated their girlz correctly.... I'm sure because their problems were solved and they were happy with the results and simply pressed on.

    So guyz give +rep points to the Doc who has helped us so much...

    +rep to Dr Ganja Guerrilla,,, :love::smoke:

    Thanx bro
  2. I copy that man...10-4 on the props to doc +rep...thanx GG
  3. he is the man fo sho! (he and smknvtec).. never asked him anything personally but his posts have helped me tremendously.
  4. I will have to third that Atleast I know when I am in a bind I got someone who answers frequently to all peoples problems. Hopefully I won't have to use the Source(Ganja Guerilla);). Well hell it wouldn't let me cause apparently I gave him a rep point recently. Damn I can't remeber that must have been late at night when I just got off the roor.
  5. No thanks necessary guys

    Im on a mission to feck with the feds......give a man a fish or teach him how to fish....

    thats the principle im working on, Id love to be JohnnyPotSeed, but thats just not realistic, so the next best approach is to teach everyone to grow pot.:smoke:

    Phase II
    next week Ill launch a website that will help you all diagnose your own plants, I have been collecting our sick plant photos, that come in for help.

    I am aware there are several stages of a potassium def for example, different strains will also show slightly different symptoms, the severity of your plants condtions & to really confuse diagnostics we can have multiple symptoms simultaneously.

    so to make things a little easier you will have many examples of all the problems we encounter,in a photo intense site and solutions to speedy recovery.

    as the site progresses Ill get some streaming grow videos and how to's videos , a grow cam so you can watch experiments, and any other ideas the members may suggest

    just keep growing:D
  6. awesome idea man.. let me/us know if you need any help.

  7. Yea that is a awesome idea, If you got any questions I can help you with I am a networking/ hosting/ admin/ etc with computers.
  8. Great idea GG, thanks for all your help! I'll never forget your help because I would have burned my flowering plants again locking them out of phosphorous... After I bought a R/O no less! (thought that was the problem- too much calcium in tap filtered water) Thanks again!!! :D
  9. Ya did same for me as Mr.GoodStuff,,, I thank you....

    but the fact of the matter is when we freak about our little ladies getting hurt, we lose our objective nature and turn to you.... I don't think any pics, video or textural walk thru will do it for us or anyone.... we need an experienced Doc to help us thru those times.

    I have all the information to grow a perfect cannabis,,, it's just applying it without an objective view that becomes hard.

    PS +rep
  10. I'll still be here, as usual but my hopes are , only as a backup

    the couple folks I sent to the site already say they have learned things already ......a picture is worth a thousand words you know & I believe this site will instill the confidence in yourself that you dont quite trust yet. I hope that some will learn enough to move to other boards and help the sick girls aswell
  11. ganja guerrilla is an awesome asset to the site. thanks for the link ganja and for all the help you've given me. I noticed a couple minor things with my plants and will send more pics to you for your site. peace man

  12. Not exactly since GC started because that is around 5 or 6 years ago. But yeah Doc GG has helped a lot of people as I have been looking around. Kinda reminds me of a few of my old school buddies on here that don't visit anymore... Where are all the old schoolers..damn.
  13. Wait a minute....can't you make a sticky on this forum instead of directing people elsewhere?
    Wouldn't it be best to direct people on the internet to GC instead of elsewhere?
    Or are you going to be a competitor?

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