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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. well i only had this dream for the 2nd time, but i had the same dream when it started to get cold last year

    n i'm wonderin if any of you guys are good at dream interpretation

    basically the dream is that i'm cool with these people that live in this friggin humongous house on top of the hill, like super rich people, and there butler looks like the dude from scary movie 2 but without the fucked up hand or creepy look.. n basically what happens is it starts raining and everything jus starts flooding super fast n i run up in this house and they have like a garage on 3nd floor that opens up into just a dropoff, and when i get to the 3nd floor i see like a wave knock the butler over, n he gets up n closes the garage so i go up 2 more floors and lightning strikes and the wall cracks

    but in last nights dream after all the chaos was over the water jus kinda floated away n nothing really got fucked up like a flood would do

    but in last years dream it was jus like total armageddon n i was jus trapped on the 5th floor of this house thinkin everyone i knew was dead

    so is anyone good at dream interpretation? cuz i'd like to know if that means anything

    oh yea, n in this dream after the water dissipated i walked outside n there was still like some rivers n what not through the streets, n i seen this girl from my past on the other side of the river walkin away, so i did some crazy shit climbin across like the droors of filing cabinets (n having em fallin out of the cabinet n then catchin another one n it happening again n almost fell like 50 feet) but i managed to get to the other side n took off runnin n caught up to this girl, where in all my other dreams when she disappears i never find her

    maybe its cuz i'ma fuck her in another 2 weeks when i visit her up in college
  2. Are you scared of floods or have had a bad experience with water (or heights)
  3. haha no, my job involves flood restoration n i've never been in a flood, and heights dont bother me either as long as i have some form of railing/object to have a grip on if theres potential of falling
  4. i'm about 90% sure this is coming from your job. you must not like it? :p
  5. haha actually your right i really dont like my job
  6. I think you are working too hard, and you are totally horny. Or is that too easy an explanation? Maybe the flood that damages nothing is your inner sense of peace finding release through a gigantic ejaculation? It sounds good, why not? Blue balls are unhappy balls, treat them well and the floods will subside!

  7. Lawl. Rep if I can.

    Heres what it says for floods:

    To see a raging flood with its muddy debris, signifies that you will have much unsettling occurrences and tribulations in life. Your repressed emotions may be overwhelming you.

    To dream that you are swept away by a flood, forewarns that someone is trying to use you.

    To see a gentle flood, indicates that your worries over a certain matter will be soon be swept away.

    go on there a seach a bit.
  9. And about the girl, there is a hint of a euphoric feeling within her and your connection. You must of known her a bit and maybe liked her personality, and we/are attracted to her. Dreams can change everything, from my experience. I can dream about a totally random girl from school and end up really liking her for a while.

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