Renting next year with friends; questions about a small set-up perhaps

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Wet Horse Lips, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I've finally come to the conclusion that growing for personal use is easy and if done properly, easy to avoid detection. I'm talkin' 1-2 plants here, that's it.

    We're renting the upper unit of a student house. There are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living space with various closets. I will attempt to put up pictures ASAP, but we won't be moving in until August.

    I was thinking of just growing them in my own bedroom, near the window or something... but I don't know, so I need suggestions on what I'd need. I saw this thing called the Topsy Turvey, which supposedly suspends your plants upside down and eliminates some problems with growing in the ground. It's designed for tomatoes, but I could use it for cannabis, couldn't I?

    Also, what would be required to make a simple grow? I was thinking of just letting it grow via sunlight, since like... I don't want a huge complicated setup - as nice as it would be, I wanna have the option to terminate the grow quickly, if it ever comes to that. So, my concerns summed up:

    1. What kind of weed would be best to grow? I was thinking something primarily indica, since they don't grow as tall? (Correct me if I'm wrong) Something that's not too stinky, possibly.

    2. Would the people living in the unit below us be able to smell 2 plants growing? It seems ridiculous but god damn, weed is pungent.

    3. What supplies do I need? Pots, soil, seeds, possibly a light of some sort?

    I'll look into it closer to the time comes, but your advice will help me plan more readily and accurately.

    Thanks, all.
  2. 1. The best kind to grow is going to be indica because the harvest time is much shorter than sativa. (I would suggest using bagseed until you are well aware on how to grow MJ)

    2. MAYBE! (Odor elimination should be your number 1 concern at all times. Be paranoid when it comes to odor control. Be sure to have a good carbon filter. I even utilize small air fresheners.)

    3. I would recommend to start off using CFL lights (the new bulbs with the swirls), soil, get a legit box or grow tent. You'll need various sized pots to grow in. (Remember that a plant needs A LOT of room for roots)

    My notes / questions:

    1. Are your roommates going to know about this?
    2. Are they TRUSTWORTHY? (Do they ever get jealous, moody, revengeful?)
    3. Are you prepared to spend a good deal of time to make sure your box is checked for light leaks, odor problems, ventilation problems. (expect problems when you first start)
    4. Do not do that Topsy Turvey method...
  3. Yes, I'm going heavy on the air fresheners and filters. I'm already conditioned to be paranoid about the smell, so I'm gonna be running a tight lockdown.

    2 of my roomies are members of GC and large stoners, and my other friend is intent on actually helping me grow (he's a stoner, but not part of GC yet.). Everyone is prone to snap sometimes, but we are going to discuss it because we know that snitching on each other would be of no benefit to any of us.

    Like I said, I'll be home enough, or at least one of us will be able to check on it. And don't do the Topsy Turvey? Alright, well I will just grow straight up out of a pot then. God, I hope this isn't that hard... I think I can get away with it. Any other advice? I appreciate the help.
  4. 1. you can search the internet for low odor strains. indicas are better for small spaces, though there are some short sativas that flower for a lot longer.

    2. it wouldn't surprise me. i've been in the opposite situation and the people upstairs definitely smelled the grow towards the end of flower, even with a carbon filter in place. odor is a huge concern if you are growing in an apartment building.

    3. you can go soil, soilless, or hydro. regardless, they all require containers, a medium, seeds, a good source of water/nutrients and a good source of light.

    that being said, there is plenty of info to be found on this website. maybe you should look into micro growing. trying to use sunlight is a bad idea because you would have to keep your plants in the open, most likely directly under a window and that's just asking for it to be found. unless you have a window that gets direct sunlight all day, you won't have nearly enough light to produce much of anything.

    if you can't afford a legitimate setup you should probably just avoid growing to begin with. two plants will definitely stink up the room they are in, if not your entire apartment and surrounding apartments. a lot of growers have trouble eliminating odor even with carbon filters in place. air fresheners won't cut it unless you completely overpower the plants with something like lysol or ONA bubbling in a bucket, which would be equally as shady because what average person's apartment constantly smells powerfully of air freshener?
  5. 1. I would consider an autoflowering strain of some kind, since they are small and quick to grow. Flower is somewhere between 56-60days i think, some can be longer.

    2.Most likely yes. Cleaning the air with a carbon scrubber and exhausting is your best bet, I've read some have had luck with the ONA air freshner stuff although I heard it can make your weed smell/taste funny??? Probably wanna look into that one more closely.

    3.I didn't start off with CFL's, I also really don't care much for them, If you think you can wing the space/cost a 250w mh/hps can do wonders. Sun systems even has a 150w hps for like $100, that light with some autostrains should work quite nicely.
  6. Wet! I have for you a great odor problem solution. And it's fairly cheap. Along side of your carbon filter, add one of these.

    Renuzit® Adjustables Cone - Tropical Waters™

    They make my whole closet smell great for 4-6 weeks and they are literally one maybe two dollars each.
  7. I was thinking of these. They should overpower the smell of 1-2 plants, methinks.

    Can you recommend a specific strain?

    I'll have to see where I'm gonna grow it. I might just go in the closet in my bedroom; toured the house tonight and it was pretty nice with a decent sized space. I've now switched to the downstairs unit; don't know if that affects anything smell-wise or not.
  8. you could very easily make yourself a small stealth growbox. you'll need an area of 1.5ft x 1ft or so for two smaller plants and a 150W hps with a couple of CFLs would work wonders and grow great buds! trying to grow by the window is not advisable considering people will be able to SEE it. also, you lose control over what light the plants get. I'm into my first grow, all CFL been flowering for almost 4 weeks, and it is really easy and a ton of fun! do a little bit of research and growing is easy as pie.
  9. Hmmm, this growbox sounds promising.

    Anyone else got any info on it? I'll go and check it out, but other advice would be great.

  10. i'd recommend looking up drbudgreengenes. he is king of stealth boxes lol.

    he was here for awhile but i think he went over to icmag. has a great how-to on CFL boxes.

    the trick with small spaces is either large numbers of tiny plants, or 1-2 plants you train to stay relatively short. you'll want to read up on low stress training or screen of green if you want to keep numbers low, or sea of green if you don't mind having a dozen or so.
  11. Okay, I will see if I can contact him at all.

    I just want 2 plants of a strain that characteristically doesn't grow too tall, but I also want a low odour strain if possible... it's probably impossible to find one so I really just want something that doesn't get too big.

    Can you enclose the plants in the box if you build it tall enough and keep the lights inside? I have no real idea how this'll work yet.

    Oh and if it matters, I think I'll be buying two single feminized seeds online from somewhere...
  12. i'll give you a quick rundown of what you'll need for a box. i'd look for as stout an indica as possible. look for strains that don't stretch. most seed bands have fairly accurate descriptions of their seeds. big bud is a good beginner strain. its easy to grow, yields well and the odor is relatively low.

    ideally you will have at least 2-3' of vertical space because you will need 6" for the pots and at least 6" for lights, so with a 2' grow box you could flower your plants at around 6-8" and they would probably end up around a foot tall, just shy of hitting the bulbs. the more vertical room you've got, the less you will have to worry about your plants out growing the space.

    aside from the box and the lights, you will need proper ventilation because lights will turn that box into an oven really quick. 100w of cfl in a 2x3 box will raise the temperature 10 degrees at least. the best way i've found is finding computer fans, ideally with a plug attached but if not you can wire them into a power supply. eventually you will have to hook the fans up so that any air being extracted from the box is scrubbed by carbon, unless you go another route for odor control. one intake fan and one exhaust fan is probably enough, depending on how much heat you are controlling.

    i'd recommend you do a search for stealth boxes or micro grows and check out how others have set their stuff up. that's the best way to learn, besides trial and error haha.
  13. DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Feminized

    You can try that one it's new (sorta) from DNA Genetics a williams wonder crossed with some autoflower plant, seed to harvest 60days. Plus you can leave your light on pretty much the whole time if you wanted. Could get a fat harvest, there was a guy on here that pulled a qp off of one autoflower. scrog dwc...the works but still that's pretty damn good. Shop arounds and see what you like for yourself. If you are concerned with the smell I'd stay away from ak-47 autos or diesel autos.
  14. GET A GROW TENT,they make all sorts of shapes and sizes. easy to control and having they option of zipping the whole thing shut is awsome(with proper lighting ventilation). it's also very easy to put a corbon filter on the inside of the tent connected to an exaust fan, thus further reducing the odor.:D
  15. Where can I get one? I'd be interested in that for sure.
  16. yeah def indica. much smaller and harvests faster. also i think indica highs are better but thats just me
  17. My husband and I have done small closet grows before. We started the seeds in a wet paper towel w/ plastic wrap over it, moved to yogurt cups, then pots. We bought a hanging shoplight ($8 at Home Depot) and put in inexpensive uv daylight bulbs, and a cheap timer. Fertilizer and soil was the only real expense. Our total cost for the whole set up was aound $100 I think and it will be way less next time now that we have the supplies.
  18. i would go to your local grow shop and ask about them. if you can if not i was just looking at a couple on, but iv seen better one's than htg's. last resort just go to google or ebay and check that shit out:wave:
  19. Grow tents Are The way to go Figure out what you want your footprint space to be Then find the closest match this place is plenty secure( ) They have a variaty of tents from 2' to ten feet. They also sell filters and lights
  20. A friend suggested I make a stealth box by attaching 2 Rubbermaid bins together, and adding proper lighting and ventilation. I just may go at it with this approach; I had a look at the grow tents... they're fucking awesome but a little too expensive right now.

    Anyone else think this idea would float? I'm thinking some sort of autoflower strain, and possibly using that sea of green method. I'll need to look into it more of course, but I'm thinking this will be a go.

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