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Renters and how to deal with them

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by evilhoodlem, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Hey.

    I wanted to start a small 4 plant grow. I have an active Medical prop 215 card, and Everything is by the book.

    My roommates dont want me to grow because in the lease we signed to rent the house it said "no drugs, and pets." and are afraid we will be evicted.

    since i have a medical card can i still grow and not worrying about being evicted because we broke the rent contract.

    Thanks Evil :smoke:
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    There are no protections for MMJ patients with respect to employment, and the situation for housing is not much better. If your rental agreement prohibits drugs, you are in violation of the rental agreement if you grow in your house.

    In short: grow at your own risk. If your roommates rat you out, or you're discovered by your landlord, you could be evicted. You can try taking your landlord to court, but you'll still be homeless in the meantime, and it's extremely unlikely you'll win since you signed a contract saying you would not have drugs in the home.
  3. Yea I'd have to say don't do it. However, IF you know 100% your landlord smokes himself (like if you two lit up together would be a sure sign) then you could ask if it was ok. However I doubt that's the case here.
  4. Yeah, your recommendation doesn't protect you from eviction in the least. In the past evil landlords have evicted disabled patients because they smoked/grew in their units against the lease.

    I wouldn't try it at all. ESPECIALLY if your other roommates are against you doing it. It's one thing to thumb your nose at the landlord, it's quite another to disrespect your roomies wishes.

    NOW, if you move into a new place and the lease HAS no drug clauses, there's nothing they can do. My new apartment has no drug clauses on the lease at all, it's a very simple agreement, but alas, I killed my plant. Unfortunately most landlords use a boiler plate lease agreement from the apartment associations, and they all have the drug policy. Perhaps if you're up front with potential landlords during the interview process, you could find a sympathetic owner who's willing to strike that clause.

    Fortunately the DEA has stopped threatening to seize property where patient grows are happening, and since the various communities are basically telling patients to grow their own, a small personal grow isn't threatenting at all anymore. BUT definitely don't grow more than you're allowed, and don't even think about diversion.
  5. Damn I was really thinking there might be some law that you guys knew that could help me out. But I guess I'll have to bit the bullet this time.

    As much as I love growing, I love my roommates more an don't want to make anyone homeless. And I don't think it would be worth the risk if it means getting kicked out.

    It sucks my grow was going to have weather sealed doors and stuff like that to seal it for light and smell. :(

    thanks everyone, even though it was bad news :)
  6. It just says "No drugs"? So you can't have coffee or aspirin in the house?

    If it says "No illegal drugs" then I'd say you're cool.
  7. I wonder if I can just write the landlord and ask permission. But, I think thY could go wayy wrong.
  8. If you can convince your roommates to be down then I would try to grow. Like others have said you could be evicted even if you have your 215. San Francisco is pretty liberal when it comes to marijuana and I don't see how your landlord would even find out that you grow marijuana. If its done properly it should not give off an odor, visible light, or noisy fan hums.

    But as others have said. No laws protect you really and its always best to respect your roommates wishes.

    I would not write your landlord. Its none if his business what medications you take and it could make him paranoid and he could try to find some other reason to get you evicted.
  9. you could always move to humboldt. they do things a bit differently there :)

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