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  1. i had to run from security officers in my friends neighborhood. and i hopped 3 fences, climbed over walls, hid in a tree. it was so legit man. some security officers said we were causing trouble, so i say "fuck you dumb ass rentacops" and then i dipped the fuck out. those bitches were chasing me so hard. i was running like a nigerian, i took off my shoes and hauled ass. climbed on top a fence, and jumped into a tree. i was like a white chocolate tootsie roll motherfucker all up in this bitch running straight with no shoes on through gravel dirt and grass and dog shit. it was so beast

  2. panthafeet, mothafucka! hahaha. but yeah, cool story, BRO.
  3. first one of these that actually made me lol because it was so fitting.
  4. Bwhahaha i have had my share of telling rent a cops to piss off. Most are usually really surprised and never have tried chasing me.
  5. Um stereotyping much....but yeah most of our rent a cops are cubby so they won't be doing to much running after people haha...

    Haha Im a hypocrite..
  6. Haha, that made me lol. Also, that cat looks just like my cat.

  7. ..........:d
  8. Rent-a-cops are the punks of all punks..

    I liked the story haha.. you outran some overweight, power hungry pigs tho.. so you dont get any props
  9. Maybe you wouldn't have had to run if you didn't say "fuck you dumb ass rentacops" to them
  10. Did you even really have to run though? I mean, what can a rent-a-cop even actually do, ask you to wait patiently while they call the real cops?
  11. :laughing:
  12. Mann i hate rent-a-cops they all wannabes n take their job toooo serious, i just laugh at all them.


  13. this.

  14. im actually a rentacop for an amusement park, and while i dont give a fuck, many of my coworkers are police academy wannabes its pretty funny but also sucks cause i have to work w/ them
  15. I like your style man.
    you know time goes by fast and boring you gotta take advantage and go with your gut.
    thats halarious. just remember to never to do that kind of shit when your holding ey

    police academy wannabes, thats spot on.
    yeah id bet they were. its funny how all the serious ones come offed as jokes
  16. As ever, some wisdom from Ghostface Killah.

    "Run! If you gettin' chased with no shoes on
    Run! Fuck that! Run! Cops got, guns!"
  17. Ooooh. This is akward.......

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