Reno Smokers!

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by jrtorgy123, May 28, 2010.

  1. Hey all! I am new to the city of Reno, NV (im actually just up here for the summer visiting parents). I thought it would be cool to meet up with some other smokers in the area considering I dont know anyone! If you live in or around Reno shoot me an email at or just reply back here ! Thanks !!

    Josh T
  2. rapist???
  3. not a rapist lol iv just been up here for a week, dont know anyone around the area, and am bored as fuck. Trying to find some people with similar interests considering im going to be stuck up here all summer
  4. Nice. Im in Sparks my self. What part of Reno do you live in?
  5. lol what if its a cop waiting to buy your weed.
  6. lol def not a cop but i guess theres really know way to tell over the internet, i sent you a mssg blunt

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