Reno 911

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Jia-light, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. im watching reno 911 and one guy says to the black cop.

    White cop-"So we're just gonna go in there and play good cop black cop right?"
    Black cop- "No it good cop bad cop."
    White cop- "good cop, black cop. black cop, bad cop. Same thing."

    Reno 911 is so funny.

    Dangle is the fuckin best, and the big assed lady.
  2. ya i love reno 911 great show
  3. One of my favorite shows definitely... But I think you fucked up that quote.
  4. if OP did fuck up its pretty fuckin close to taht haha. I love reno 911 its like cops but BETTER HAHA
  5. i never usually walk out of a movie, but when i went and saw the reno 911 movie i was out of there in 35 minutes.
  6. yeah but it was something along the lines of that.
  7. I think the actual show is way better then the movie.
  8. i've never seen the show
  9. its way more funny.
    you should give reno one more chance.

    I actually didn't really like the movie that much either.

  10. You're missing sooo much dude.......

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