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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by snpny, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. is it possible to cut the tree down just underneth the last branches from the bottom, leave it and will it contiune to grow. Because when doing that it is like pinching the top stem when controling the growth in the beginning stages? question for thought and experts only
  2. It's not like pruning the top for a break at the nodes... Your cutting below the nodes not above... If you cut below the bottom branches you have no leaves, nothing to catch the sunlight... Thus the plant dies and your left with a dead plant... There's always cloning whihc can be done to keep a single plant type for years... If you want to try something try cutting above the lowest node to see if the plant will regenerate two single stalks both the same as a single straight.... who knows... NAture has this way of throwing stuff in your face you kill it and it comes right back...
  3. im in the process of doing this now...i chopped the thing down march 10th...let one alone with a few leaves and lots of stems....put it back under 24/0 veggin.

    here is the results as of today.

    there is 6 total plants there...5 are seeds from the same time and the one up front is the re-vegged plant.

    its gonna turn into a cloning mama...

    one thing to note...from the beginning, it has had white hairs thruout the grow...not a lot...just a few but still its never really went back into 100% veggin.

    but with the seeds and the revegged about the same age...u take a pick which u would rather have.

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  4. Froggy that look soooooo tasty.... Exactly where did you chop it.... though.... You didn't just chop so it was stem did you ? or Did you? cause if you just chopped to stem then i was wrong it will grow back... And I have never tried that... If the result is what you have there shown I definately would liek to try it.....
  5. when i harvest...i take the nearest long stem and chop it there
    so there were quite a few basil leaves and scraps of buds and stuff still hanging on.

    but i have to tell u that i think just stems would prob grow back but best to leave a few tiny leaves.

    im also gonna use that mama plant for seed production...that is the real reason that i kept that particular plant.

    its mango...very nice tasting indoor/outdoor var.
  6. iv chopped my males down at just above ground leavel b4 now and left the pots with a bit of stem sticking up at the side of my grow room and they have started to grow again. but if u want ur plant to grow again then reave some leaves on them when u cut them back.

    froggy them plants r coming on nice now. wot lights do u have them under? just them cf's or do u have a hid in there aswell?
  7. juat when you think you have new idea it is already being done and shit, but I am gonna try and see if it works, by just cutting to like the last couple rows of branches and see what happens, I am even trying to mix strains like cutting branches from big buds and connecting them to my bubble gum and seeing what happens. isnt that that way to came up with the tangerine mxing two fruits together by splicing the branches and connecting them. we will see. Mad scientist at work
  8. That's a cool idea, snpny. I wonder what would happen if you grafted branches from one strain onto a plant of another strain.....

  9. Plants grow from their tips not their roots. Most commercial roses are grafted onto root stock, same thing with nut trees and fruit trees. Certina plants are bred for their rooting charateristics, others for what they do above the ground. So if you gratfed a weed plant onto another, it wouldn't change anything about what grew out. It would still be the same final product as the orignal plant.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

    I always wanted to figure out a way to breed weed with another plant to conceal what you were doing. Wouldn't it be nice to combine weed with an apple tree and it produced THC apples. That way you could judt eat an apple and get stoned. I guess with genetics and cloning this will be possible one day.
  10. But what if you grafted multiple branches onto one plant? You could have the original strain of the plant, plus 3 or 4 other strains. Would they still all grow their seperate strains on the same plant?

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  11. yes.

    u would have distinct grafts.

    like BPP said...stuff grows out and not in. meaning that the stuff u graft wont go back into the plant and change the roots.

    so u can never have a thc apple but i guess its possiable to have an apple tree with ur NL branch and powerplant brance, etc.

  12. you could splice the gene sequence that produces THC into an apple's DNA, then maybe the apples would contain YHC. But I don't think any genetic lab would be working on producing stealth THC fruits and veggies.
  13. now that is a good idea......

    wouldn't it be beautiful if you could croosbread it with a vine or something.... fast growing and walls of green buds...

  14. certainly there are more than a few pathways to making a complex oil like THC from water, nut's and sunlight. i hope u arnt all holding ur breath to start eating apple/NL crosses :)
  15. grafted an orange branch onto a pot plant but they couldn't grow weed on a orange tree.
  16. after camp I am actually gonna graft weed with tomatoes and vice versa cuz it seems like the tomatoe is the closet relative to the weed plant. since everytime someone talks about growing weed they always say it grows the same way and need the same nutrients as a tomatoe sooo......

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