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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by seanthetoker, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Hey blades,

    im looking into getting a rempen ($25). Then i will get 250mg or 500mg capsules ($25). I was told by Rocky Mountain Remedies that they hold about 80-100 hits. I'm looking for something stealthy that will deliver my medicine effectively. Should I buy this???? Does anyone have any experience with this? and does GC think i will be able to get it through an airport (bring medicine with me when i go on trips)?????

    to get it through an airport i would bring the pen and the charger and open-seal capsules so there is nothing on them that says anything about marijuana. Then i would store the capsule bags in a bag so when i get through security i can seal them back up. I would put the capsules in a plastic bag and say they are electronic cigarette capsules for my e-cig.


    Should i buy a vape pen that has an oil chamber??? I would make my own oil and i have read that .5grams would give me maybe 200-500 hits. Its a more expensive pen and the things needed to make the right hash oil will be expensive but it will probably pay itself off in the long run.

    Sparknotes: Should I buy a Rempen for a stealthy vape using dispensary capsules? can i make it through airport security with one saying its an e cig? OR should i buy a oil pen vape and make my own oil (i wouldnt even try to bring it through an airport)??

    Peace GC,

    Sean. :smoking:
  2. bump.

    Help me out people.
  3. those dispensary rempen cartridges are a rip off. First off, they're not pure hash (mixed with some kind of e-cig juice to lower the viscosity) so the gram price is pretty high when you calculate it out (upwards of 50). If you live near boulder, you can buy a pure hash cartridge at this place, which will work with the rempen. The rempen with a hash cart is prob the best bang for your buck, a 1 gram cart will give ~300 hits (at least that's what I was told)
  4. I was going to get the rempen but dont like the fact that I have to buy their carts.

    Bouldorado- can you post to what hash cart would fit? Is it the 510 thread things.

    As far as airports-To me its not worth bring weed through TSA. Saying that I would get a pen with carts you can fill.

    I have been looking at the Gentlemens brand hash oil vape.
  5. Rempen has 510 fittings, as do the carts I linked to. No matter what kind of cartridge you buy for the Rempen, you're still tied to a dispensary. You could source the carts used for the pure hash online, and then refill them with co2 oil you buy at a dispensary. I've never done this, so I can't vouch for this method, but it works in theory. Another option is to figure out how to mix bho with the ecig juice, propylene glycol, which of course means you're vaping just as much of that as the hash (if not more).

    I don't know what to tell about the gentlemans vape, but you should check out fuckcombustion.com if you're interested in one, since a number of members have reviewed it. I've personally tried the omicron and the atmos raw, both are refillable and work pretty well with bho.

    Unless you're planning on vaping a lot oil, it's not really worth making since its a major pain in the ass.
  6. Love the rem pen. Super convenient for skiing and discretion at work.
  7. yeah,agree,Unless you're planning on vaping a lot oil, it's not really worth making since its a major pain in the ass[​IMG]
  8. Where can you get these pure hash cartridges? Are they really expensive and does the vapor from it smell?
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    Wow! there is a lot of wrong info on here. 
    I have a couple of Rempens and have used them for a long time now. If you have access to a dispensary I believe this is the absoulte easiest and most stealthy way to smoke/vape. 

    First, the Rempen is inexpensive. They are actually an Ego-T electronic cig and you can buy the Ego-T battery end online for very cheap.
    Second, they work. The pens, battery end, I bought over a year ago still charge and work fine.
    Third, they are incredibly stealthy, more stealthy than any other way of imbibing.
    Forth, they get you high, very high!
    Fifth, the cartridges are not that expensive and last a decent amount of time. 
    I have smoked everyday for years now and I love em!
    Edit - I had to say that if you are paying around $10 an gram, the cartridges are not that bad of a deal. Because you are vaping the oil in the cart it is WAY more efficient. I have come to believe that the cartridges may actually be a bargain based on how high you get for the buck you spend. Don't know that for sure though.
    Also, the cartridges DO contain hash oil, however they add a food additive to achieve a certain viscosity. 
  10. I like the RemPen too, but I have two complaints:
    1.  The vapor irritates my throat, way more than smoke.  Makes me cough and feel rawness in my throat.  Not sure if it's the glycol, the hash oil, or the heat, but it's very uncomfortable. 
    2.  I have a high tolerance, so in my opinion, they do not get me very high, even the 750, especially when I am intermixing the use of it with actual herb.  And even when they do get me high, it's not the same; it is a lighter high with less depth to it, and it doesn't last as long.
    If you exclusively use vaporizers and don't use it all the time, they work well.  Otherwise stick with the herb, it's a much better high, and a better bang for you buck.
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    Huh?   What about using herb vaporizers instead of those pens that pretend to be herb vaporizers?
    I've been using vaporizers exclusively (all the time) for over 6 years now and they work great.   I will never go back to combustion.
  12. I would say the actual herb vaporizers provide a better high, but a bit messy.
    I don't like the oils, the high is substandard.  Just IMHO.
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    A bit messy?    How?   With the vaporizers that I am using, I haven't found them to be messy at all.    Guess it's all subjective though.
    I guess the question is, messy as compared to what?
  14. Well just that you have to clean them out periodically, unlike a vaporizer.  But certainly a lot cleaner than a pipe or bong.
  15. I dont understand what you are trying to say. Any wax vaporizer that I have used has demanded more cleaning than any of the dry herb vaporizers that I use. A lot of my dry herb vapes could go a year+ with out cleaning.
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    Huh? [​IMG]

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