removing yellow fan leaves and cola runts

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  1. My plant is about a month and a half into flower (give or take) and most of the fan leaves are yellow. I was wondering if it'd be alright to remove them all. I read that the plant is sucking out the nutrients from those leaves, but I've also heard that you can pull them when they're yellow. My plant is an autoflower though and they say you're not supposed to trim or train at all. HELP!! :p

    Also, what about the tiny colas at the very bottom that won't end up growing into much? Will removing them force the plant to focus on the bigger colas? I know that works with regular plants but, again, mine is an auto. I just don't want it feeding tiny colas when it could be focusing all its energy on the main ones. Can I remove the bit that's circled in red? (BTW, the white dust is baby powder, not mould) 2016-03-31_12-30-11_466.jpg 2016-03-31_12-30-17_652.jpg

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  2. Hi. Not sure as dont do autos myself but i no spent leafs will fall off naterally love anyway. As for a botton runts go then not sure wi auto but i get on off my plants early on love xxx
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  3. As Kym said above, the ones that are yellowing are already dying and they will continue to dry up and fall off naturally. You don't have to do anything yourself...the plant naturally sheds what it's done using. This is common throughout the last half of the flower cycle. However, your plant is in desperate need of more powerful lighting for flower. See how it's tall, lanky and arid looking. I bet dollars to doughnuts that most of your buds are that way too and it's because of weak flower lighting. If you're plan is to continue to flower with CFLs, you're going to need about 100 more in that little room to do any good. When you move to the flower cycle, you at least need to move up to hps or LED lighting to get the most out of your plant. The size and density of your plant and buds is directly proportional to the quality of light it's getting in both veg and flower. CFL's work fine for veg, but just don't put out near enough light to flower off a plant and get the most out of it. It's also better to manicure your plant for flowering while still in veg. Light typically will only penetrate 8-10 inches below the canopy...depending on several different factors like strain, whether it's indica, sativa or hybrid, what strength of light you're using, etc. But I trim up any scrub from the lower limbs and cut off any stray oddly growing limbs around the lower part of the plant because, if the plant gets any size on it, chances are it's not going to develop properly anyway. They should double or triple in size during the flower cycle...again, depending on the lighting you're using. But they should not be that spindly at that size. I suspect a lot of the height on your plant is from it stretching to try and get as close to the lights as possible. Otherwise, I doubt it would've gotten that tall. You would've probably done better to have lowered those lights around and as close to the plant as possible as it grew. This would've probably kept it a little shorter and maybe tightened up your buds a bit. But look, it's all a process. People generally spend a ton of time worrying about the setup they plan to grow their plants with and don't spend much time considering learning the "how to grow" these plants part of the equation. The setup and grow knowledge go hand in hand to produce and optimum plant. There are several sticky's in the new grower threads here that contain the basic grow information that all new growers should know before they put seed to soil. There are certain things the plants need and like and a whole bunch of other stuff you need to read up on to become a better grower. But the more you grow, the better you get at it and the more it makes sense. So chalk this baby up to experience, get what you can off of it and work on improving your lighting while you veg the next one. I promise, it'll get better as time goes on. Happy growing! TWW
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  4. Thanks for the help guys. I've got an LED in there, but it's way up high near the ceiling because the plant is so big. I vegged it under just CFLs but people here told me that it wasn't enough so I got the LED a month ago and use them both. The plant looks better than the pictures show (crappy cell phone camera). There are a bunch of long colas thickening everyday, but I need another LED because the plant is too big and one side isn't getting light. I want it looking like this:

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