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Removing tobacco smell and taste help!

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Andy2552, May 16, 2012.

  1. So I recently got a tobacco water pipe cough cough bong, and I've been using it actually with tobacco. Still harsh smoke, but it is exciting to use my pipe. Is there any way to COMPLETELY remove tobacco smells and tastes from it? I've been using iso alcohol and salt to clean it and though the glass comes our clean it still has a feignt smell and taste of the tobacco before the next use. Any tips or help?
  2. It'll go away with use
  3. Wash it with extremely hot water and let it soak and plug the bowl, it will zap the smell.
  4. If rubbing alcohol and salt won't work you might need to go to your LHS and pick up the strongest bong cleaner they have.
  5. You smoked actual tobacco in a bong w/o weed?
  6. if you milked that shit you must have had one hell of a head rush

  7. I smoked cigar tobacco out of it. I got a somewhat head rush but I didn't try to inhale every bit like I would with weed. The reason I didn't smoke weed from it YET is because I just got off of probation (and I'm clean from that) and am
    Hopefully getting a better paying professional job and they drug test so hopefully in due time it will lose its tobacco taste completely ;)
  8. soak overnight in simple green
  9. try my method below [​IMG]

  10. Is that a glass cleaner brand?
    Never heard of it before.

  11. I definately shall try the lemon juice method. That might make my tobacco smoke taste better too? Who knows hahah

  12. Lemon juice is meant to maintain bongs cleanliness after you have cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and salt (all in my tutorial)
  13. I remember when before I first started smoking I was scared shitless to smoke out of a bong, let alone smoke. I tried to talk my friend into letting me smoke tobacco in it but luckily I manned the fuck up and hit the herb and never went back. I don't even smoke cigs, I just was afraid as shit to smoke mj for the first time.
  14. [quote name='"Bouldorado"']soak overnight in simple green[/quote]

    I use simple green for my house I no its a glass cleaner but does it really work for real dirty pieces? I normally go to the local head shop and grab 420 solution.
  15. Simple Green?

    Does it work for real dirty pieces? I usually use 420 solution from local head shop.
  16. soak your piece overnight in undiluted simple green and it'll be spotless in the morning.

    salt/alcohol is best for the dirtiest pieces
  17. Smoking weed with it will replace the tobacco smell with ganja
  18. [quote name='"Bouldorado"']soak your piece overnight in undiluted simple green and it'll be spotless in the morning.

    salt/alcohol is best for the dirtiest pieces[/quote]

    Thanks for the info gunna try it tonight

  19. sooooooooooon enough it'll be gone! ;)
  20. i always clean with vinegar

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