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Removing the 'high' (?)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Ronhip, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. 1. Is THC the only psychoactive ingredient?

    2. What temp would I have to set my oven to get rid of THC? And for how long?

    I'm wanting to make an edible for pain relief that won't get you high, using whatever trim material is available. (having people with low tolerance in mind)

    3. Or is this only possible by taking the time to grow out a high CBD plant?

    I have searched, but come up with a wide range of mostly vaping temps dating all the way back to 2011-12.
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    Try an undecarbed batch. Just don't convert to THC from THC a. Of course this would only work with edibles or a tincture. A tincture will naturally decarb in four months so would need to be used up or refrigerated.
  3. I did that once. I tested it on myself. While it didn't do much for me, the person I talked into trying it became very drowsy and relaxed and had to miss a day of work.
    Not what I'm looking for.
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  4. I have been using undecarbed trim to infuse coconut oil for topical use. Works great for muscle, joints, swelling, and 2 people with CS praise this stuff. But they have to reapply periodically.
    I'm just looking for an edible that will last most of the day at work.
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  5. THC is the primary psychoactive compound.
    You'll need to grow out a high CBD strain to test as you can't convert THC into something else. At least not quickly. Eventually it'll degrade to some CBN and help sleep.
    Only testing on your own issues will tell what works and what doesn't. For me only THC stops my pain. CBD does nothing for me on it's own.

    As Joker suggested try an undecarbed edible for low stone effects and still be using THC.
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  6. Would roots be good for this?
    If so, how much root would it take for a breakfast muffin?
  7. Thanks. I may have to grow a separate plant just for this.
    My thinking was to burn off all the THC in the oven, if that's possible.
    I just don't know if there's other stuff in there that would hinder someone from operating machinery for 10 hours a day.
  8. Undecarbed thc-a shouldn't get people high, but there could be exceptions.
    If it does get someone high, then it could be old herb that has partially decarbed over time.

    As BrassNwood points out, CBD might help you accomplish what you want.
    Some of us can't get very high on strains that contain noticeable amounts of CBD, because it is a mild stimulant.
    For some people CBD eases anxiety and promotes sleep in spite of being a stimulant.

    My wife takes a thc-a + CBD pill every day and gets zero psychoactivity.
    If I take 1 mg CBD I get jitters and can't sleep at night.
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    I make many edibles at lower dose for low tolerance peeps, smaller doses eaten throughout the day.. Old weed def has more cbd effects.

    Sam's thread has info about the roots, and I believe there was mention of alkalines and roots not being for consumption...topicals only.

    Hemp Edification: Cannabis Root Therapy
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    Suppositories (i.e. "up the butt") might be what you're looking for, in terms of "pain relief with less of a head high." (Pro tip: Wear old underwear in case of 'leakage'!)

    I can't, however, in good conscience recommend operating heavy machinery while under the effects.
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  11. Yeah, it won't work like this. You'll just convert it in to a highly narcotic side effects as it will convert to CBN which put's people to sleep. But what you can do is make cannabis suppositories. You'll have to buy a mold. Basically, it's the same thing as making a salve but skip the beeswax and any essential oils. Use cocoa butter as coconut oil tends to give people the scoots. It absorbs 70% percent of the medicine whereas taking it orally will absorb about 30%. If they insert it about three inches up the bum, they will not get high but will get the full effects of the medicine.
  12. Roots are suppose to be great for gout, muscle pain and is suppose to be great for people who suffer with missing limbs who get phantom pain. Some people take capsules to get rid of their cancer. They contain no CBD or THC or the many other compounds and terpenes cannabis has but they have their own set of compounds that are powerful.
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