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Removing Stems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blahblahblahblahblahblah, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. When de-stemming your bud, how thorough are you? Do you just try to get rid of the big noticable ones or do you break everything apart and get all the tiniest ones out?

    Also, I've noticed little "containers" around some of the seeds. They're green and have some crystals on them. Should I throw these out or keep them?
  2. I generally leave them in and grind it all up, unless there is a really big stem (like, bordering on wood). I seem to be in the minority with this one, but honestly it tastes the same to me whether there is stem in there or not.

    Can't help you for certain with the seed part. The seed itself is no good and will stink up the room if you burn it, but if there are crystals on the container then I would just scrape it off and grind it up with the rest.
  3. Depends on how your smoking it. If your using a bong or piece, where stems are not so much of a problem, you don't have to be that thorough. For the most part, stems do have a trace amount of THC. But for blunts, you need to watch out. Anything too big and you could puncture a hole. As for joints, same problem, but thankfully it's much easier to repair a joint hole as opposed to a blunt hole.
  4. If it's being rolled, definitely be as thorough as possible (if you have a grinder, like tailspower said, it isn't that big of a deal to keep the smaller ones in there.) If you're not rolling it, and not grinding it, just break it up sufficiently so you have a much bud as you need in the bowl. Stems won't hurt you; it's just a question of maximizing space.

    As for the seeds, I haven't seen a seed in my weed in over a year, so I can't recall offhand what it is you're referring to. Either way, seeds are not worth smoking because of the resultant headache, and lack of THC. And smoking any THC-laden outer covering isn't really going to make a difference as far as your high- the small size would make it pretty much inconsequential.
  5. SO TRUE
    everyone hates on friend just throws his on the ground and it makes me sick
    stems can be smoked if you just have a good weed to stem ratio in a cant even notice
  6. Is there anyone who thinks stems make the smoke taste nasty?
  7. they do
  8. I'm usually pretty thorough when taking bud off stems. I'd recommend keeping all your stems and making some green dragon.
  9. I think the reason people dislike stems is because most people have a compulsion to take them out for whatever reason. Then they are left with a pile of stems, which they smoke...and that bowl of nothing but stems WILL taste like ass. But if you just grind up a bud stem n' all, I seriously doubt most people would notice the difference between that bowl and one with no stem...again assuming we're not talking about a giant wood-like stem.

    EDIT: Using them for green dragon is a good idea, however. Just don't waste them.
  10. anything that hurts when you pinch it grinding it up in your fingers

    thats what i do. but then again i use a grinder now

    on topic: get a grinder

  11. I already have one actually. I just got thinking about this because I noticed that some hits out of my bowl had a distinctly bad taste.
  12. Anything I can bend/snap I remove. If it is smaller than that I grind it up. You'll never notice anyhow.
  13. I normally only remove the lumber (big stems) and the little guys you normally wont notice unless you are rolling something, then you might get a pop and some bad tastes but nothing bad.

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