Removing Some Foliage?

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    Hey guys so my plants are currently on day 8 and the other is on day 10 of veg. They seem to be growing rapidly. There are some tops on the bottom that dont recieve much light, can i remove some of the foliage this early in veg? Ive topped both plants multiple times and tops are coming like crazy.


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    you might wanna slow down ?

    Topped TWICE already ?

    Wait for something to LST and have fun shaping it during veg...
    picture a base with 6-8 colas going vertical with space in the center
    for air and light.

  3. Ive only topped the main top once and also the ones underneath once. Thought that was considered as topping múltiple times. I thought it was a good thing to top as much as you can?
  4. Eddie, leave em alone, especially at this early stage. They look real healthy right now but may not take to so much manipulation this early on as everything you are doing is a stress to young plants.
    I have topped some strains that did not take it too well at all, and I waited till they were much older than yours are.
    Good luck
  5. Ill make sure to do that. Thanks guys!
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    Most certainly let them grow for another 2 weeks before topping again, if you are going to continue vegging. Are you going to flower these?
  7. I am planning on vegging for about 5 weeks. Around how tall would my plants be when i finish flower? Im buying a 36"x20"x62" tent tomorrow. Whats the max time i can veg without them getting too big for my tent when i flower?
  8. Dude that's a long veg but I don't mean that in a bad way. The longer you can afford to veg the better. But the longer you veg dictates how big your pot should be. There is no point to veg a plant anymore if the roots have reached the edge of the container. Maybe veg another three weeks for those size pots max. What wattage of light?
  9. Topping is fine as it serves a purpose, but don't cut any leaves off because it needs them to collect light and co2, turn it in to food, and feed the new shoots. Remember, it's one whole plant with different parts working for each other. Not independent parts

    You want to fill about half of your available height before changing to 12/12 be it 1 week or 10 weeks
  10. And remember to Defoliate the Hell out of it too...

    Or... I know... Do what you want... Try not to be "Herded" by others...

  11. Is there scientific proof that defoliation helps with growth? Because I hear both arguments, but when people say don't defoliate, they give an explanation to why

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    No , I was just throwing that out there since it was leaning the other way...

    Maybe more Buds per small grow space ?

    I got 1-1/2oz from this plant in a tent...

    They don't seem to prove it doesn't work in MY SITUATION ( Space )

    Got 5-1/4oz off the whole tent 6 plants , 2 crappy ones...

    2X4X5 small tent



    Main thing nobody mentions...

    The "STRAIN"... Some don't need it... Some are better without it...

    But SOME.... perform with it...

    My logs prove it to me... Do your own testing.

  13. This is new to me as well (have never grown before) so very interested, especially in these early stages.

    Thanks for making a thread on this - will be using the information I see here. Lot of knowledgeable folks here, it's awesome!

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    Chew on this action:
    Time lapse bud photos with Defoliation used

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    K... Lemme Splain why my tent is too small...for me.

    Available height is the tricky one. ( From the Quote )

    a tent 5ft tall like mine...

    WHAT.... is the Available Height...???

    In order to carry these plants through their

    three month Journey.... (More for extra Veg and LST)

    You need a planter BIG enough...

    My Kitty litter containers are 15 inches... Dirt is down three...
    Now I have 4ft of AVAILABLE space...

    Next I have a Galaxyhydro 300w LED

    Mounted ALL the way up... 6 inches

    Down to 3-1/2ft

    The Light and plant need to be at least 18 inches apart

    Your down to a two foot Window to grow pot...
    That's why I did this... Just growing normal would outgrow the tent

    the SMALL tent...

    Which I got 5-1/4oz from.... Ooooh... Good Window




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