Removing Scrog Screen half way through flowering

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  1. I need some advise. I'm having to move in about a month to a new place, but my Scroged babies most likely won't be ripe by that point. They are much past the stretch stage and are just making big sexy buds. Can I carefully remove the screen so I can move them? I can't really pick up and carry 5 plants and a screen around but I could do each one separately. Would this be ok for my babies? Will they hold themselves up? Any negative results?

    Since they are mature and only focusing on the flowers, I figured they would carry on as if the screen was still there...

    Any other ideas for my predicament would be chill

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  2. Start by very carefully removing one and seeing how well it holds itself up. Since they've had the screen to do it for them for so long, there's no telling how strong their stems will be. If it has any trouble standing on its own, get some thin dowels or something similar to prop them up temporarily.
  3. I was worrying about them kinda folding in on themselves. Since they are laid out flat basically across the screen, I didn't want them to swing up wards and basically be un scrogged during the end.
  4. Make a screen for each plant and attach it to the pot
  5. I have done this myself and if the stretch is over you may get a small amount of stem straightening but for the most part you will be good
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