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  1. so i got a bowl back from a friend of mine and its pretty caked with resin, and seeing as how im dry i figurd id give it a go. but its pretty small and i cant get some of it out just by scraping and didnt know if i could soak it in ISO like QWISO. any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. If its pretty caked you should NOT have scraped it and you should have just hit it. Any caked and unclogged bowl I've ever res hit did not require ANY scraping.
  3. you can do what clipse said with that. i use a bent small screwdriver for my pipes.
  4. boil it in some water and strain the water, scrape the pot haha
  5. paper clips are your friend mang.

    use em.
  6. nothing small and metal is your friend, i broke my mini glass with a paperclip, i miss that little fucker purp, iso/salt ftw

  7. well, mini glass?

    i cant belive it would break your shit, that sucks, i think this dude is talking about just a pipe and most pipes i think can take a easy scraping from a paper clip, just gotta be patient and stuff, idk mang.
  8. Yeah i use a bobby pin and it works all right.
  9. thanks for the replies guys. i could just smoke out of it, i havent scraped it yet, but i just kind of figured i could ball it up and save it. i just never thought of it lol ill try a pin or precision screw driver when i get off of work. thanks again guys
  10. def paper clip bend the tip into a liiiittle tiny hook and your good to go, ive got like a rez kit lol made up of different paper clips and needles and knives. just dont fuckin ram it in the pipe and it shouldnt break
  11. I use bobby pins, they have a larger surface and are able to get more resin from it. And try heating the pipe with your lighter, since resin is really an oil with ash in it, it will stick to the bobby pin soo easily.
  12. i agree get a ziplock bag cover the piece with iso and pour in salt zip it up shake it up for awhile.

    I get these from work they are the best thing you can get I think. You can also dip the cotton in ISO and the stick part unclogs bowls, bongs, anything with a hole.
  13. go to a pharmacy or retail store and buy some rubbing alcohol with the highest alcohol % by volume. buy some sea salt as well. mix the sea salt in the areas specifically where the rez is. if its a small hole, use a paper clip to poke it through, like in a bowl with a small hole. once you have the salt in any holes or small areas, put it in a big zip block bag. pour the rubbing alcohol in the bag so it covers the whole piece. spin the bag around while holding the top so no alcohol will get out and shake like crazy for a few minutes. after this, if there still is some rez, scrape with paper clip using alcohol.

    Also, i know this has nothing to do with your question, but what i do after im done doing all this, is repeat it all but use Listerine. This mouth wash has the most alcohol out of all of them, and wont leave it with that strong rubbing alcohol smell.

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