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Removing resin from your hands.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by cheddacheese, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I just recently got a little mini bong, and I always get resin on my hands when I clean it. If you've ever gotten resin on your hands you'll know it's a bitch to get off, so I decided to share my experiences with removing resin.

    1) Rinse your hands with cold water. I think this sort of hardens the resin and contains it to one place instead of getting smeared around.

    2a) Thoroughly wet your hands with 91% iso alcohol. Use a lot if you have to, it's only a dollar for a big bottle. Scrub your hands together.


    2b) Put a little nail polish remover on a cloth and use it to dissolve and pick up the resin. (This works well for when it's just a little bit of resin on your fingertip or something.)

    3) DON'T RINSE YOUR HANDS WITH WATER. The resin is sticky and the water again seems to sort of solidify it. Simply take a towel and wipe all the alcohol or nail polish remover thoroughly off your hands. Try to sort of scrub them with the towel to get off all the resin.

    4) Rinse your hands with the hottest water you can stand and soap.

    That's it!

    I guess a guide like this is kind of unnecessary, but I like thinking up guides for simple things. And I just smoked a couple bowls about 10 minutes ago :smoke:
  2. or you could just use purell. takes it off in 2 seconds
  3. thanks for the tips both of you ! +rep
  4. Well I use Soap, Water and then dry my hands off on a towel and it A). works B). saves me time not reading this post.

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