Removing Excess Trans Fluid

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  1. As far as I'd remembered, the traind fluid in my somewhat recently purchased car was normal. Its been hesitating and slipping a little lately, so I thought it might be low. Well, it looks like its Waaaay too high , and yes I checked it in park while running. Don't ask me how it happened.

    So, I guess you can just siphon some fluid out through the dipstick guide tube? Can anyone attest to the safety of this? If it matters, its an 80 Lincoln
  2. just change the fluid and filter, it can't be that expensive.
    i think i paid $8 for a quart of lucas transmission fluid last month.
  3. I've never drained a trans before myself, I'm a little apprehensive to just jump into it.

    I've always heard the rumor not to change trans fluid on vehicles with higher mileage/that haven't been changed in a while. I don't really see why, anyone else heard this?
  4. alright then fuckin' run it.
  5. Some vehicles need to be in neutral. Yes you can siphon through the fill tube. Do this next time you check your fluid. Engine off a cool, pull the dip stick and the fluid level should be a pint over. You my pm me if you have any questions.
  6. A couple points:

    - People say not to flush older transmissions, it can dislodge debris and cause all kinds of bad shit. A simple drain and refill is no problem.
    - I don't know about your Lincoln, but with my Jeep, you're supposed to check it while running in neutral. Park will give an improper reading.
    So I guess the best option would be to check your fluid level again on a flat surface in neutral after driving for a bit to warm it up. Then if you find too much, too little, or burnt fluid, don't hesitate to drain and refill the trans fluid. If you take it to a shop, make sure you ask them not to flush it (unless they have some sort of guarantee against damage).
  7. I didn't know that some cars needed to be checked in neutral...ill check my manual tomorrow and see what it says. If not, I guess it'd be a good time to learn how to drain and fill the trans.

    Ill let you guys know what happens, thanks for the help
  8. If you want i will talk you through it.
    Just pm.
  9. I learned to check it while hot in drive with E-brakes on since you are in that gear the most.

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    Your owners manual will tell you exactly how to check your transmission fluid. I had the same thing happen to me, where i thought there was too much fluid but i found out i was checking it wrong and when i did it the right way, the fluid level was where it should be.
    I have to have the car on AND at the running temperature (also on a flat surface)
    I have to shift into each gear and wait for 3 seconds (P, R, N, D, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, D, N, R, P)
    I then put it in park and check the dipstick and it will give me an accurate reading.

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