Removing Chlorine From WATER with...?

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  1. Im on fourth week of veg just put it in 12/12

    Ok here is my problem..usually i dont have problems with growing only thing i have changed is i cant distall my water meaning let it sit for 24 hours. I dont have room to store the i just take a 5 gallon bucket and fill it up with the water from the hose (the tempurture i dont know but it is cold its from a hose.) i mix my organic nutrients bio bloom and grow is what i use. and then water. But my question is ....for one is the water beeing that cold ok.... They seem to like suck up the water good and point to the light like they love it. and my second question is does anyone know if the chlorine in the water is going to give me problems because im starting to see maybe different problems...on each plant ...i mean the beginning of problems. So if the chlorine is a problem can i use chlorine remover like from the fish store...used in fish tanks to remove chlorine.? some advice would help me thank you.

    two 400 watt temps were up to 96 but i got them lowerd under like 85
    Also whats the highest it could go in the room ?(Talking about air tempurture not raident heat)





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    Anyone help me please ?
  3. distilling water is when you evaporate it and then condense the steam back into water so there is NOTHING in it but water. Letting water sit out is NOT distilling water. It will, however, allow the chlorine to evaporate out. This can be accellerated by infusing air into the water or by raising its temperature.

    I don't know if chlorine will hurt your plants. I certainly doubt it will help them. What it WILL do is have the potential to kill beneficial microorganisms in your soil, and thus, WILL, albeit indirectly, harm your plants.

    the fish chlorine remover works fine.
  4. forgot about the temp question. Too hot, or too cold of water can shock your plants. When you water, it is best to use tepid water (slightly above room temp).
  5. what would happen if i took like 3....5 gallon buckets of water and stuck them in my room. WOuld it cause more humidity or any problems...cause if they were in there they would get like 70 degrees plus due to the room beeing warm...but when they are in the other room it gets like 40-50 degrees so the water doesnt get really plants dont seem to be like drooping major but maybe a little bit of a weak stem im not sure though. So should i put the water in my room or would it like make something else go bad ???? thanks for response any more ide appreciate it.
  6. i bought a water filter Jug. would that be better than tap water?
  7. I heard that your not supost to filter your water...thats what ive heard...
  8. Anyone know what my plants are showing symptoms off...? and does anyone think its due to my cold water and not distilling ...or whatever or not removing the chlorine....and i want to try the drops to remove chlorine (one from the fish store to remove chlorine) i just dont want to poision my plants you know .... anyone else ever TRIED chlorine remover or the drops from the pet store?
  9. keep them covered and vent them periodically. this will decrease the amount of increase to your hudidity (if that made any sense).
  10. those Brita type water jugs will work fine. just read the specs on the filter and make sure it filters chlorine if that is your concern. if it says "activated carbon" anywhere, that will do the trick.
  11. whenever I see the edges like that, it makes me think heat stress. I would bet your growing conditions are too hot. Ijust finished telling you that those chlorine drops work fine.
  12. I know i was just wondering if you have mabye tried them yourself...if thats why your saying its ok...cause right on the bottle it basically says do not give to fish for human im thinking the same thing do not give to plants for human consumption ? thats all...the bottle scares me lol. ...Those problems started not when it was hot...i fixed the heat problem...and i have a nice big fan in the room also moving the air around...i thought heat stress also but im thinking it might be a mag definciy but maybe im wrong...
  13. the obvious thing to do would be to add a little epsom salt and see if that helps.

    if not, if you get more yellowing around the veins, then it's likely that you do have a mg deficiency, especially if the sides of the leaves curl toward each other. It doesn't really look like Mg to me though.

  14. Looks like a little heat stress in conjunction with the start of an N deficiency and maybe a tad bit over watered too. How often do you give it the ferts? I would not let the ambient temp get above 85 degrees. Different strains can handle more extreme temps but, if you stick with no higher than 85 degrees you will be safe across the board. Also, do you know the ph of your soil?
  15. hello there kinda new to the site but let me help u a little bit I work at a Water Treatment plant and well to get Chlorine tested we use the chemical known as FAS but luckily u can go to ur local pet store or Walmart and look in the fish isle and get ur chlorine removal chemicals all right there i have found walmart rocks when it comes to growin supplies
  16. I really thank you all for the chlorine info.... very very interesting. Have a Question though.

    Q: Bottom Leaves are turning Yellow (the whole leaf)


    Q: Top leaves are curling in on themselves. (left to right not front to back) Hope that some how that is understandable.

    400 Watts Mix of Ecolux florecents "Sunlight" and "Full" spectrum

    Will post pics soon
  17. give them a little epsom salt in water. also, still make sure they aren't too hot.
  18. Cool - I will use the salt on the next watering - do you suggest a ratio?
  19. 1 TSP per gallon of water.

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