Removing bad fan leaves?

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  1. Should these be removed or should I let them do their thing?
    Right now my vote is to keep them but wanted other opinions. Not sure if it would hurt the plant more to keep them on or to take them off

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  2. Leave them, if they green they still doing their job
  3. They are a purplish color at the ends, twisted up, with nute burn. I just think they also have green on them too. They look bad but I think it would hurt the plant more then help it if we trimmed them off.
  4. Where is the yellow ?
  5. Edges are getting brighter, not necessarily yellow. I'll update when lights come on
  6. I take mine off when they look similar and doesn't hurt my yield.
  7. Definitely remove them. Especially if your in veg.  there will be no negative effect. The plant will not have to waste that energy trying to fix those leaves. Make sure you understand why these leaves have been burned and fix the problem. remove bad leaves and continue on with your veg. 
  8. New growth is looking pretty good. Fan leaves don't seem to be getting worse but I don't suppose will get any better either. But the new growth seems ok.

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  9. She wont repair leavea but i always leave them untill she drops them she can move mobile elements out like nitrogen is a highly mobile element then she will suck it dry and drop it her self.
    she may look a bit ugly but unless you entering a photo comp dont worry mate.

    plus the rest of the plant looks nice tho what happenend cause i look at the last pic top left leaf and it looks like a mag def gonna add this pic and take a look at ya leaf and the pic as there no point treating it if ya dont need to :)

    auto help page if you need help with autoflowers

    new vote page sept please vote

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  10. Could be a little bit of a mag def. Do you think getting cal mag would be fine?
  11. add 1 tbs. of unsulphured blackstrap molasses to a gallon of water. Warm the molasses in the microwave first to get it runny. Water your plants well with this. The blackstrap is loaded with calcium and magnesium. Plants love it during flower period.

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