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    I recently received a Black Leaf Flaming Skull three tier percolated bong (I ordered the Blaze Glass but the Black Leaf has three 5 arm percs instead of three 3 arm percs, so I'm content). My only real complaint is the stupid skull logo on it that really detracts from the aesthetics, is there anyway to remove this logo?
    Sorry for the crappy picture, phone camera.

    Edit: Also, is it possible to find a mouthpiece for the WeedStar precooler I have attached to it so I may turn it into a bubbler? I've seen some attachments like it on Youtube but can't find any for purchase.
  2. If it's painted on the only thing I can think of is getting some type of solvent like a paint stripper but I'm not exactly sure how it would react to the glass itself. That's probably the strongest solution, a weaker one would be something like Goo Off and a blade to scrap it off. As a warning though, if Black Leaf burned/embossed the design and then painted it you're pretty screwed. Whatever you choose try a test run on how it each chemical reacts with the glass on a lesser noticeable spot like the bottom of the beaker or something.
  3. use simple green or keep rubbing is with iso/salt
  4. elbow grease, salt and iso or goo off or other paint thinner
  5. It looks awesome to me. Could be a lot worse.
  6. I'm planning on painting it myself, I just needed a safe way to get the logo off without ruining the glass.
  7. Really...I'd keep it plain o keep the logo...Why paint it inless your good. ahaha
  8. inless ? realy ?
  9. Typo's like this never bother me, because the 'u' button is next to the 'i' button. Super easy mistake.

    It's when it looks like people intentionally spelled something wrong because they didn't know how to spell it in the first place. Next time you want to criticize someone's typos/spelling errors/grammar check your keyboard and see if maybe it was an honest mistake. Just a slipping finger. I see these kind of typos all day, especially on facebook, and sometimes it makes things hard to read. But with your own familiarity to a keyboard you should be able to read straight through them.
  10. I hope you were going for irony.
  11. I laugh when people say they plan on painting their glass...
    just don't do it man, it will turn out tacky..
  12. CLR for the label. As far as the bubbler mouthpiece thing, check etsy, alt, edit, and your LHS.
  13. dude check out acetone.... that shit will take off just about anything, i know, i use it at work alot... btw this is the first ive heard of people painting their glass.... lmao i need pics.
  14. Fuck yeah so we can all chuckle.

    Nah i'm being a dick today :eek:
  15. Sometimes you can scratch logos off with razor blades or xacto knives.

  16. Why remove the logo in the first place?
    Shouldn't of bought it if u dont like it.

    And removing the logo on a bong isnt going to increase the bong quality or anything, still china glass
  17. If you read his original post, he said he received the wrong item, but didn't care because it had 5 arm percs instead of 3 arm ... The rig he ordered originally is from a completely different company, which doesn't have the same logo ...

  18. i have no idea where you could find one
    OH, maybe on the site youre on?
    Weed Star Connector - English -

  19. i was gonna say im quite positive weedstar actually makes j-hooks hahah
  20. Mineral Spirits might help

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