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  2. Fucking ricky

  3. fixed :rolleyes:
  4. how can this work. i want to get atleast a HP every time and be able to throw my shit in once done flowering from veg. so have 2 GR's. I plan using tents. every 3 months im going to have to have atleast a QP just to smoke.

    so what do recommend? trailer are around 1000 a month for the new ones, def not an apartment. im only working with 1600 income after the IRS gets my ass
  5. need some suggestions. look im not worried about anything other than electricity skyrocketing. want to stay on the middle high end, not the skyscraper wattage for a trailer
  6. if not should i just rent a house in a ghetto neighborhood? would be about the same amount rent
  7. Put as much light as you want too. The power company dont care at all how much you use as long as you pay your bill. A good computer will pull 1k watts, space heater 1400w, a big screen 600w or so. There are many thing these days that use a lot of power. Smell and privacy are a much greater concern.

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